Don’t Hang Up Your Stethoscope: Jobs for Retired Physicians

Don’t Hang Up Your Stethoscope: Jobs for Retired Physicians

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Retirement for many means the blissful end to a long and dreadful job. However, for doctors, leaving behind a fulfilling, heroic, life-saving career can sometimes leave you feeling empty. If you are not quite ready to permanently hang up your white coat and stethoscope, you may want to consider trying out a locum tenens position. Having more freedom in your career, alleviating the physician shortage, and reentering the practice makes becoming a locum tenens physician the ideal solution to your retirement dilemma. If you are a retired physician thinking about rejoining the workforce, a locum tenens job might be a perfect way to do just that.

Retired Physicians

1. More Career Flexibility and Freedom

A locum tenens position will allow you to have more independence and flexibility within your career. As a locum tenens physician, you will have the ability to pick your jobs, whenever and wherever you want. Not only does this increased flexibility provide more freedom within your career, but it also opens the door to new and more diverse opportunities that may otherwise be limited by a permanent placement position. This is perfect for retired physicians as it provides you with more variety instead of commitment in your work life. Also, if you are a soon-to-be-retired physician, consider a locum tenens job to ease your transition into your eventual, full-time retirement.

Having the capability of choosing certain assignments based on your preferences allows more control over your ideal work-life balance. Locum tenens is the best situation for both physicians and providers who are looking for a part-time (20 – 30 hours a week) patient care position. As a locum tenens physician, you’ll find yourself with an excellent salary, benefits, paid travel, and insurance.   

Retired Physicians

2. Alleviate the Shortage of Qualified Physicians

All across the United States, there has been a shortage of qualified physicians. Because of the ongoing physician shortage, there is a strong demand for skilled doctors. Having spent a significant amount of time practicing makes you the perfect candidate to take on a locum tenens position and alleviate some of the shortage pressure. Many locum tenens agencies have experience matching older physicians with the understaffed medical facilities that have the greatest needs. Doctors often find that rural areas have a higher demand for physicians than larger cities or university settings. These areas of the country have a high need for physicians and are eager to employ retired doctors because of the increasing healthcare demands.

3. Ideal for Retired Physicians Re-entering the Workforce

Many doctors are hesitant to come out of retirement, especially if they haven’t been practicing for a while. A locum tenens job can be an excellent low-pressure way to easily re-enter the workforce for retired physicians. Because of the flexibility of a locum tenens job, you have the power to choose your preferred jobs and hours, making it more manageable if you aren’t looking to work full-time.

If you have been retired for a while now and are considering practicing again, it’s never too late. There are physician reentry programs for those looking to re-enter the medical field. If you need any additional resources to help you get started, check out our tips on navigating a locum tenens job board.  is dedicated to matching qualified healthcare professionals with their ideal locum tenens positions. If you are interested in learning more about available locum tenens jobs check out our job board and apply today!

Are you a retired physician looking to reenter the healthcare field? What do you think about a locum tenens job as your next career move? Let us know in the comments below!

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