Tips for Navigating a Locum Tenens Job Board

Tips for Navigating a Locum Tenens Job Board

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How many times have you sat down to look for a job and done a simple Google search? Let me guess – you’re completely overwhelmed by all of your options and you’re not sure where to start. So, instead of browsing through all the links you find yourself going to a basic job board and searching for physician jobs within that platform. Some of them match your criteria, but even still it’s hard to find a locum tenens position in the midst of all the permanent ones. If you can personally relate to this frustration, we are here for you. Stop doing general job searches and start navigating a locum tenens job board for success. Here are three benefits of using a job board catering specifically to locum tenens and some tips for navigating these niche platforms!

Four Benefits of Using a Job Board Specifically for Locum Tenens

navigating a locum tenens job board

Here are four benefits of using a job board that was built specifically for locum tenens doctors.

1. You don’t have to search through jobs you’re not qualified for.

With a locum tenens job board, all of the jobs on the website are geared specifically for contract physicians. You won’t find yourself searching through full-time physician jobs to find one that is temporary.

2. You can search for jobs in specific locations and specialties.

If you’re looking for a contract position in a certain state with locum tenens license, specialty, or even by type, navigating a locum tenens job board will allow you to find these things with ease.

3. You can find additional career resources.

Not only will you find available jobs, but you will also find additional career resources catered specifically toward locum tenens physicians. This can include videos, blog posts, and even answers to frequently asked questions.

4. It’s free

Probably the best part about this convenient and localized job search tool is that they are free to use. Although the employers pay to have their jobs listed, you are free to browse and apply! Whatever you do, don’t pay for a service like this.

Tips for Navigating a Locum Tenens Job Board

navigating a locum tenens job board

So, you’re on a locum tenens job board. Now what? Here are some tips on how to have success with this niche platform!

1. There are two ways to apply for a position.

The first way you can apply is to fill out a general application. This will send your application to any employer who is looking for someone that meets your exact criteria. You will receive phone calls from many potential employers. The second way you can apply is to browse specific jobs and apply to them directly.

2. Keep in mind that you can also research the employers who are posting jobs to the site.

You can read reviews about them to see what other people’s experiences have been like. You can also leave a review to tell other people how your experience was!

3. Be prepared to answer the phone.

The third thing to be aware of  is that when the phone rings, you need to be ready to answer. If you apply for jobs, people are going to start calling you and they likely won’t have much time. Have your resume and detailed information ready so you’re prepared to answer their questions. The more prepared you are the faster you’ll find yourself in a contract position.

Now that you have some direction for using a locum tenens job board, don’t delay any longer! Start your search for contract physician jobs today right here on Also be sure to follow us on social media and check out our YouTube channel for additional tips and information specific to your profession.

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Happy job hunting!

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