Reasons to Drop Everything & Become a Locum Physician

Reasons to Drop Everything & Become a Locum Physician

Become a Locum Physician

Why should you become a locum physician?

Psssst—–hey you. Wanna know the medical field’s biggest not-so-secret secret? Well, it’s simple. Basically, working as a locum tenens physcian is the best way to boost your career and to gain some major advantages in your personal endeavors as well. Here’s just a few reasons why:

Paying the bills before you find a permanent spot.

While you’re participating as a locum tenens physician, you can expect to have lower expenses generally. Therefore, you can save money before finding a permanent placement that you want to take on for the long run. It can be difficult fighting over super sought-after jobs so until you can get placed in one that you adore, it pays the bills. Plus, there’s none of the typically costs that most people have such as rent since most staffing agencies provide housing or stipends.

Out-earning your peers.

Let’s face it, money is a major factor in why so many become locum tenens. ESPECIALLY for those who are dealing with paying off those ungodly amounts of student debt. Due to the demand for health practitioners in many areas, companies pay top dollar to pull in the talents they need to provide medical treatment to residents in lots of areas.

Making your career’s rules on your terms.

When you’re in the market for a physician job, it can be frustrating to find a permanent position that has your specialty, location, hours, etc. that you desire. However, when you are actively taking on locum assignments you can FINALLY pick and choose your role. It’s way easier to get quickly put to work gaining experience (and income.) You can choose where you want to work and not get tied down to anything.

Don’t like the hospital or facility you’re working in? Then choose a new one after you complete your short-term job. Like your location? Then speak up and see if you can extend your stay.

Climbing up the ladder in your physician career.

Finding positions in metropolitan areas can be super competitive. A lot of med students see their healthcare careers taking them to places like the Big Apple, starstruck LA, or the hot cultural mecca in Seattle. But, by working as a locum tenens practitioner allows you to get placed in rural areas that are underserved to get a good footing in your career. You can really find yourself through using travel assignments to figure out just what specialties strike your fancy the most. Plus, being able to work with wide arrays of people is a huge asset to your professional portfolio. It can do a lot to show that you’re easily adaptable to situations.

Finally going on that adventure you’ve been meaning to go on.

You only have one life to live. Might as well live it to the fullest and seize all the wonderful opportunities available out there, right? You’ve earned the right to practice medieine—might as well get to travel. Unleash that inner vagabond and see the country while working. Gain a greater appreciation for the places you never have ventured.

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