Is an Urgent Care Clinic Right For You?

A growing trend in the healthcare industry has been the rise of walk-in emergency clinics. These clinics like UrgentCare and MedExpress have quickly become a more efficient and sometimes cheaper alternative for those without health insurance or those who want to avoid the wait-times at a traditional clinic. Urgent care is one of the fastest growing segments in heath care; according to a report published in November 2015 by research firm IbisWorld. While many primary care facilities struggle with the influx of patients, an urgent care clinic focuses on speed and efficiency when treating patients. With that being said, this is a rapidly growing job option that many locum tenens should consider.

Benefits of an Urgent Care Clinic

The Hours

One of the biggest differences between an urgent care clinic and a traditional facility are the hours that you’ll need to work. Instead of working the traditional 8 hours, you might work two or three, 12-hour shifts, with a few smaller shifts sprinkled in between. Although this may seem like a lot, many healthcare professionals prefer having a few days off each week. Others prefer this profession because they do not have to be “on-call” when they are off duty. This luxury of truly having days off is something that many healthcare professionals prefer.

Smaller Staff

Another reason that many locum tenens will choose to work in an urgent care clinic are the small staffs. Smaller staffs make it easy for employees to communicate and it can often create a closer bond between employees. You’ve probably worked in practices where you might only see your supervisor a few times a day. With a smaller staff, you’ll be able to clearly communicate with those both under and above you so you can provide the best possible care.

It’s also a great way to gain experience as well. With a smaller staff, you’ll often work a variety of different jobs so you’ll gain experience serving different roles.

Less Stress…Sometimes

Although we can’t fully guarantee that a position at an urgent care clinic will offer a less stressful alternative, we do know that you’ll usually face more moderate injuries to handle. An urgent care clinic is not an emergency room, so any life-threatening injuries are usually directed to a standard emergency room. However, you may need to aid in the transition from your facility to an emergency room. Most days, you’ll be looking at sprained ankles and diagnosing common ailments like pink eye and strep throat. While no healthcare career is stress-free, a position at an urgent care clinic might limit the number of high-pressure situations you might deal with.

Every Day Is Different

Another reason that many will choose a healthcare position at an urgent care clinic is that every day will be different. Whether it’s treating the twisted ankle of a 12-year-old soccer player, or a stay-at-home mom who contracted her son’s strep throat, you’ll never have the same day twice. This career will allow you to think on your toes as you help others by diagnosing ailments and doling out remedies. Locum tenens who are looking for something different might want to enter the unpredictable and fast-paced world of an urgent care clinic.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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