Pursuing Locum Tenens: Is it Right for me?

Deciding to take on a permanent position or a locum tenens position can be a pivotal point in your healthcare career. Students who are finishing their training may be trying to make this significant decision, but are still wondering if pursuing locum tenens positions is right for them. In addition to students, professionals in a permanent situation may be looking for some type of change, but they’re not sure what exactly should change.

Locum tenens is not for everyone, but there are undoubtedly many reasons to love working as a locum. If you are experiencing any of the following, you should consider pursuing locum tenens.

6 Signs you should be pursuing locum tenens positions

1. You have a desire to travel

If you are having feelings of wanderlust but don’t think you have the resources to travel, look into locum tenens. As a locum tenens, you choose where you work. Whether you’re looking to explore awesome cities or wanting to choose destinations based on season, you will always find a new place to check out.

The best part about traveling as a locum tenens is that the housing can be provided for you and that most travel expenses can be covered by an agency. If you want to choose your own housing, there is usually an offering to cover these expenses as well.

2. You seek better pay

Whether you are just looking for better pay in general or to pay off your med school loans quicker, pursuing locum tenens could benefit you. If you plan ahead as a student and decide relatively early that you’d like to pursue a locum position, you can be placed in a program immediately after school and begin working. This can eliminate the time it takes to search for positions after school and allow you to start making money right away.

If you are currently in a permanent position, you could benefit from taking up some locum tenens work during your downtime. You can earn some extra income to help pay off those student loans or to save up and chase any personal goals you might have.

3. You are looking to better serve patients

While some people think that you’d be spending less time with patients as a temporary physician, that’s actually not the case. Locum tenens often have less administrative work and in turn, can spend more quality time with patients. With less paperwork to do, you’ll be able to focus solely on patient care.

Also, America is currently facing a doctor shortage. This allows openings for locum tenens to serve in understaffed areas where physicians are truly needed. More and more healthcare locations are looking to temporary physicians to fill roles during the shortage. Not only are there more openings, but being able to provide quality healthcare in more remote areas can be very rewarding.

4. You want control of your schedule

One of the greatest benefits of being a locum tenens is that you choose when, where, and how long you work. You don’t have to worry about requesting off for vacations or holidays; you can just choose to work around them. If you have a desire to travel but still want to see your family and loved ones frequently, this could be the perfect opportunity.

5. You’re not sure which setting will be right for you

We’re sure you have heard of people taking jobs and then regretting it a month down the line because it just isn’t working out for them. Choosing locum tenens right out of residency will allow you to try out different practice settings to see which you work best in.

6. You want to be experience diversity

Along with the ability to visit different areas and geography, you can appreciate learning about other cultures and ways of life. Opening your mind to different cultural experiences can prove to have many benefits to your way of life and can allow you to personally grow.

By pursuing locum tenens options, you would have the power to experience diversity through short-term assignments, or totally immerse yourself into different cultures in a long-term assignment. It is also possible to go international and take diversity to a new level.

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