What is an Addiction Psychiatrist?

One of the fastest-growing healthcare specialties in the industry is an addiction psychiatrist. Every year new healthcare professions emerge, opening the door for many healthcare professionals who are looking for his or her true calling. With addiction psychiatry, you’ll be able to incorporate a knowledge of therapy with the power to prescribe the needed medication for patients. It takes a special blend of these skills but addiction therapy can be one of the most rewarding specialties available. So, what is an addiction psychiatrist? Below we’ll go into more detail of what the career entails as well as why it’s one of the fastest-growing specialties in healthcare.

What is an Addiction Psychiatrist?

So, what is an addiction psychiatrist? Before we dive into some of the details, let’s take a broad look at the burgeoning career. Addiction psychiatry involves treating individuals living with chemical dependencies, such as drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances. Not only will you need a knowledge of addiction and the treatment for various addictions, but you’ll also need the tools to help patients in a therapy setting. Addiction therapists need to grow a rapport with patients while still looking out for their best interest.

The Rise of Addiction Psychiatry

One thing we like to look at is the rise of these new specialties. As these new careers emerge, we can often take a look at surrounding factors to figure out why it’s becoming a popular healthcare job. In this case, it’s quite obvious. It’s no secret that an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, ravaging the majority of states and leaving millions of people suffering from addiction. So, what is an addiction psychiatrist? It just might actually be a major solution in combatting addiction. While those suffering from addiction can receive medical treatment at a rehab facility, they’ll also be able to talk to an addiction psychiatrist who can help them during their battle.

what is an addiction psychiatrist

The Working Environment

We’re answering the question, “what is an addiction psychiatrist?” One of the biggest things to know when we’re discussing this blossoming job tile is to consider where an addiction psychiatrist works. The majority of professionals work in outpatient and residential mental health and substance abuse facilities. However, the selection of locations is vast, including prisons, probation agencies, detox centers, and employee assistance programs. Another option is to work in a private practice. Like stated before, with the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, we’re starting to see more and more private practices open up in regions where the epidemic is particularly severe.

Skills and Qualities

It’s important to take a look at the skills and qualities required when you’re trying to answer the question “what is an addiction psychiatrist?” One of the most important traits you’ll need is communication. Written and verbal communication is crucial because you’ll be interacting with a variety of health professionals and patients. Additionally, leadership and problem solving are essential in filling the role, as you will often be called upon to make big decisions that have the possibility of impacting the life of your patient.

You will also need to make decisions quickly and have excellent analytical skills as well. Finally, you will need to be able to balance sympathy with educated and sometimes stern treatment. You will need to know when to be a sympathetic ear and when to put your foot down when dealing with patients. At the end of the day, their health and well-being matter the most.

Do you have any experience as an addiction psychiatrist? If so, let us know below! Also, don’t forget we’ve got hundreds of jobs just waiting to be filled, so start your journey with us today!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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