5 Things You Didn’t Know About Locum Jobs Online

Locum tenens are medical professionals that steps in while the full-time doctor is away. As we face medical staffing shortages locum tenen positions are becoming increasingly popular and important. LocumJobsOnline is here to make your job search easy and stress-free, however, were more than just a job board website! Keep reading and check out these five things you didn’t know about LocumJobsOnline!

Locum Jobs Online

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Locum Jobs Online

Our Application Process Is Simple and Easy

At Locum Jobs Online we want to keep your job search and application process as stress-free and simple as possible. That’s right! You can easily find a link to our application on the homepage of our website. Our application is a simple three-step process. The application will ask simple questions like how many years of medical experience do you have, what are your preferred travel destinations, and the best time to be contacted. Upon completing the application, recruiters will reach out to you and help solidify your job searching process!

Search Jobs by Specialty, State, or License

When searching for your next locum assignment, we want you to be able to job search any way you prefer! If you are attracted to the locum lifestyle because of the ability to travel and constantly live in new areas: search jobs by state. Search open positions based off of states that you are interested in living in. Want to live in Washington State? Go for it! Want to move to Florida? You can do that too!

If you prefer to search jobs by specialty you can do that as well! Simplify your job searching process by weeding out any job specialty that does not interest you. Finally, you can also narrow your job search by license type. Refine your results by searching 5 different licenses: CRNA, DO, MD, MP, or PA.

There Are Additional Resources On Our Website

Finding a new assignment can be tricky! Locum Jobs Online is here to pain the process as pain-free as possible. This means we’re here for you each step of the way! Our website can connect you with top agencies and recruiters, as well as how to get in touch with them. Have a quick question? It may already be answered on our FAQ page. Head on over to our “Resources” tab and click on the FAQ section to read commonly asked questions and view the answers. Don’t see your question on the FAQ page? Don’t worry! LocumJobsOnline has a handy chat feature on the side of our homepage. Just type in your question and wait for the response!

We Can Find You Permanent Placements Too!

Perhaps you may be considering full-time work versus tenen assignments. If so, we have you covered! Head over to our sister-sight, AllPhysicianJobs and find your next dream job. AllPhysiciansJobs focuses on connecting physicians with full-time job opportunities, while LocumJobsOnline focuses on connecting doctors with temporary “locum” travel assignments. Even better, AllPhysiciansJobs has the same website set-up as LocumJobsOnline, so it will be easy to use and navigate!

Find Us On Social Media!

Locum Jobs Online has several social media accounts! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn! We post industry related news to our social media accounts and also love interacting with our users! Chat with us about open jobs, or industry news! Like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us LinkedIn!

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