Bringing Pets on Locum Tenens Assignments | 3 Tips

Working locum tenens jobs is one way physicians can explore the profession and country at the same time! Finding jobs in exciting new locations is all well and good, except it can be a make or break for pet owners… Or can it? With the physician shortage still a rampant issue throughout the industry, locum tenens physicians are needed now more than ever and hospitals know this! That’s why they’re always finding ways to accommodate the needs of physicians… especially if that means bringing a pet along on your assignment! Although it’s not every single locum tenens job you’ll find, bringing pets on locum tenens assignments is more common than you think. Here are some of our top tips if you decide to bring your furry friend along for the ride!

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Locum tenens jobs provide a wide range of benefits, from fresh perspectives and networking opportunities to great compensation and experience in fields you want more experience in. Still, some of the most alluring benefits of traveling physician assignments come through the things outside of the hospital. Really, there are few things better than coming home at the end of a long shift to greet a wagging tail or purring ball of fuzz. By some reports, anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of locum tenens assignment providers allow physicians to bring pets along with them. While that’s not a very large number per say, it doesn’t mean pet-owning locum tenens physicians need to choose a different line of work or give up their pet!

pets on locum tenens assignments

Bringing Pets on Locum Tenens Assignments | 3 Tips

If you’re lucky enough to find a series of opportunities allowing pets on locum tenens assignments, we’ve got a few tips you’ll need to consider:

1. Communicate with Recruiters

When you’re looking for assignments, it’s absolutely critical to let your recruiter know right away that you plan to bring an animal along with you. This will allow them to specifically seek out assignments with pet-friendly housing options. When looking for the right housing, it’s also very important to let recruiters know the breed of your pet. Many hotels and corporate condos have restrictions on the type of dog or cat you can house with you. These housing options also commonly require pet deposits in order to cover any potential damages that come as a result of your pet’s presence. Nonetheless, letting your recruiter know all of these important bits of information definitely increase your chances of bringing pets on locum tenens assignments.

2. Consider Your Pet’s Personality

If anyone knows your cat or dog it’s going to be you! Traveling isn’t something that most domesticated animals are used to, so it’s important to be honest with your recruiters. Bringing pets on locum tenens assignments means they will be left alone for extended periods of time in a new location. This isn’t always the most stress-free thing for an animal and can cause stress responses like clawing furniture or leaving messes… Additionally, the act of traveling itself can cause lots of anxiety for pets, especially cats.

Some ways to ensure bringing your pets on locum tenens assignments is successful include:

  • Finding daycare services
  • Getting them anxiety meds for travel
  • Using partitions or gates while indoors
  • Consider training services

Some pets are great travelers based on their size and temperament, while others have much to be desired in that area. Just be sure to be realistic about whether traveling is appropriate for your pet and if they will be comfortable during your assignment.

3. Think About Your Travel Method

Locum tenens assignments come in all shapes and sizes. Jobs close by to your permanent home represent one great option for pet owners, although there are many opportunities throughout the country. If you plan to bring your pet along for the ride, it’s incredibly important to think about the method of transportation you’ll be taking. Driving to an assignment is a very private and accommodating way to move animals, whereas flying with your dog or cat may just not be a possibility. All airlines have restrictions on the type of pet you can travel with and it’s increasingly difficult to find the right accommodations.

In any case, bringing pets on locum tenens assignments is possible, it just takes some communication and planning with your recruiter! What is your experience as a locum tenens pet owner? Let us know in the comments below:

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