Transitioning from Locum to Perm Physician Jobs | 3 Reasons Why

Locum tenens jobs represent some of the most diverse and interesting physician jobs out there. You can travel throughout the country, all while advancing in your field and expanding your network. For many newly graduated med students, locum tenens jobs provide opportunities to explore the profession with ease. Still, as much as someone enjoys traveling there is still the possibility they want to settle down or change their pace a bit. For those considering transitioning from locum to perm physician jobs, we’ll discuss some of the benefits and considerations here!

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If you’re reaching the point in your career where a permanent physician job is preferable, don’t stress! Many doctors working as locum tenens physicians eventually come to consider the option of non-travel jobs. No matter your reason for transitioning from locum to perm physician jobs, there are some distinct benefits to take into account:

Transitioning from Locum to Perm Physician Jobs | 3 Reasons Why

Consider Positions as Working Interviews

In a large majority of cases, hospitals looking to hire permanent physicians often hire locum tenens doctors for a trial period. Hiring managers can refer to this as a ‘working interview,’ allowing travelers to get comfortable with the area, their coworkers, and a facility’s flow. Although that might sound like a general locum tenens position, these jobs come with the pretense of eventually signing on with a hospital full-time.

If you’ve worked as a locum tenens physician for a while, finding your distinct role in a temporary position probably seems natural at this point. Traveling from one job to the next means making an exit is no big deal, however deciding on your permanent position requires a slightly different approach. Really consider whether the facility’s work ethic and philosophies regarding patient care gel with your own. Transitioning from locum to perm physician jobs is a commitment that demands thoroughly weighing your options.

Significant Professional Benefits

Transitioning from locum to perm physician jobs means shifting into your role as a dedicated, full-time team member. This higher level of commitment also means gaining access to better benefits and pay rates! Not only that but working in a permanent physician job can present fantastic networking opportunities. Sure, traveling around the country and making good impressions is helpful, but routinely making an impact in one location is even better!

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Not only does finding a permanent position help through immediate professional benefits, the possibilities for advancement open up as well! In most cases, locum tenens doctors aren’t seen as viable candidates for higher and better-paying positions. Taking on a permanent physician role after working as a locum tenens for so long can truly take your career to the next level.

Greater Financial Stability

While we’re not saying that you can’t make great money working as a locum tenens, but permanent positions can help maximize your income. It is definitely true that locum tenens jobs feature sizable sign-on bonuses, retaining good employees is on most hospitals’ agendas. Sure, permanent positions also come with the related expenses of settling into a home, but this can ultimately make for more stable finances in the long-term.

Additionally, having a more stable schedule opens up the possibility of picking up moonlighting shifts in other facilities. If you still desire that locum tenens feel, traveling to nearby facilities for some extra income can fill that void. Still, finding a permanent position probably means you’re ready to calm down your working pace a bit and that’s fine!

No matter your reasons for transitioning from locum to perm physician jobs, we’re here to help that process go as smoothly as possible! Had recent experience with landing a permanent job after years as a locum? Let us know in the comments below!

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