How to Become a Locum Tenens

Some of you have come to our site knowing exactly what you want. You might even be a seasoned locum tenens who has used our database to find the best assignments numerous times. However, you might have stumbled across this blog because you want to know how to become a locum tenens. Well, you’re in luck. For those who are thinking about getting into this exciting and rewarding career, we can show you what it’s like. Below is a basic overview of what a locum tenens is, and how to become one.

How to Become a Locum Tenens

What Is a Locum Tenens?

Before we can jump right into things on how to become a locum tenens, we need to define it! The definition of locum tenens, roughly translated from Latin, means, “to hold a place.” Essentially, a locum tenens is a substitute medical worker. Think of them as a substitute teacher. Just like a substitute teacher who travels to various schools on a weekly or even daily basis, a locum tenens might fill in for a variety of different roles at a variety of locations. There are certain specialties in medicine that work well with temporary workers. This includes those where continuity of care is not needed. Locum tenens will help to ease the burden that a shortage of staff can put on a facility. When a facility faces a shortage, they hire locum tenens physicians and other part-time clinicians to fill those vacancies and maintain patient care quality.

Is it Right For You?

I wish I could say that a locum tenens career is the best option for everyone, but that’s not true. Before you learn how to become a locum tenens, there are many aspects of this career to consider. To do this job, a person must be comfortable learning new electronic medical record (EMR) systems. They must also deal with staff idiosyncrasies, and navigate hospital politics without excessive angst. They also should be comfortable with traveling and must be flexible when it comes to lending a hand wherever one is needed. Assignments range from a few weeks to a few months. If you have a family at home, you’ll want to consider this as well. If you feel like you can handle a demand of a fast-paced career of travel and healthcare, this might be the perfect job for you.

how to become a locum tenens

Getting Certified

One of the biggest misconceptions, when people are considering how to become a locum tenens, is the certification requirement. Many think that you need a special type of degree or certification, but that’s simply not the case! If you are already an accredited healthcare professional, you should have no problem making the transition into a locum tenens career.

You will, however, want to keep your CV or resume as up to date as possible. Before you submit it to your recruiter, make sure your CV is both thorough and accurate. Your work history should include permanent positions as well as locum tenens jobs, if applicable, but be sure to differentiate between the two. It also should include dates of employment and explanations for any gaps. To ensure your CV is always up to date and error-free, revise and review it as soon as you complete an assignment. It might also be worth it to become board certified. This allows you to provide a credential beyond your license or degree and could give you a leg up on the competition when the job search begins.

Find a Great Recruiter

Speaking of recruiters, it’s important to have someone on your side that will go above and beyond to find the best possible assignment. If you want to know how to become a locum tenens, finding a great recruiter is a crucial step. A recruiter will basically do the dirty work for you, scouring the web to find the ideal locum tenens assignment. Check if the companies and recruiters you’re looking at are members of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organization (NALTO). NALTO members adhere to the highest ethical and industry standards, giving you the best chance to find quality work. Companies that maintain strong relationships with partner facilities and physicians provide the best opportunities and do more to benefit you. Your recruiter should always be putting in the work and communicating with you frequently to find the best available positions.

If you wanted to know how to become a locum tenens, I hope I’ve provided some insight and advice for doing so. As always, if you’re looking for a locum tenens assignment, make sure to check out the thousands of jobs we have listed today!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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