Social Networks Just for Physicians

Social Networks Just for Physicians

Social Networks JUST for Physicians

As per every other aspect of our lives; social networks are now changing how healthcare professionals are working together, accessing patient information, and sharing resources. Apparently about  1/3 of healthcare pros are already using social networks exclusively tailored toward medical practices.

Benefits of specialized healthcare social media:

  • Gain professional advice
  • Advance careers
  • Look for jobs
  • Discuss healthcare topics


40% (or more) of all American doctors use Doximity. Mostly, the traffic on this site’s traffic has to do with some discussion forums and private messages between doctors complaining about HIPAAs. “There’s a certain distance [healthcare professionals] need to maintain from patients — both legally and for their own sanity. Even a friend relationship [on Facebook] can be considered a privacy violation,” Doximity CEO Jeff Tangney told InformationWeek last year.


SERMO is one of the most widely used social networks for physicians. The draw to using this particular social media platform is that medical professionals have the freedom to talk about any topic 100% anonymously. Privacy is crucial for doctors to keep intact. Therefore, being able to speak openly with one another (without fear of repercussions) offers a uniquely frank opportunity for discussion in the medical community.


OrthoMind was made by and for orthopedic surgeons ONLY. In fact, only validated members are allowed to join. Here surgeons can brainstorm ideas, talk about diagnoses, find jobs, and  see research reports and product reviews.

DoctorsHangout,com is essentially like Facebook for doctors, medical students, and medical publications from all around the world. It’s like an open discussion for anything from weird rashes to funny medicine-inspired memes. is an eponymous social network that all licensed US physicians can join for free to share their medical knowledge. In fact, ONLY doctors are allowed to join so that its a place exclusively made for providing trusted resources. The site allows docs to ask/answer any question they might have and discuss journal articles with their peers.

Quantia MD

Quantia MD acts like a support group online where members can have completely secure conversations about anything career related whether it be about policy, reform, or even just the well-being for physicians.

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