Smart Health Tips from Real Doctors

Smart Health Tips

Smart Health Tips from Real Doctors

Physicians aren’t invincible—they get the same pounding headaches, burnout, and fatigue as everybody else.  The only thing that separates healthcare professionals from any other person is that they have the right know-how to cure their pains. After all, who better to treat their own personal ailments than medically-trained than themselves? Doctors have some serious insight into what makes someone feel bad—and how to fix it right up!

Smart Health Tips from Doctors

Hushing a Headache

Dehydration typically is the source of those pesky headaches. That’s why Jennifer Ashton, MD, and author of Your Body Beautiful suggests chugging water the instance the throbbing begins! “I’ll have a bottle of water in one hand and a coffee in the other,” says Dr. Ashton. If the headache doesn’t stop an hour after you start double-fisting beverages, then its time to resort to the ibuprofen.

Staying Sharp

Gary Small, MD is a firm believer in keeping your mind active in order to prevent detrimental brain disorders that come along with old age. Dr. Small who is a professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the University of California insists that simply using apps like Words with Friends can provide him with the right verbal and mathematical exercises that can help fight dementia. He’s authored The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program that dives into the subject of cross-training for the brain.

Get Nutty

Mehmet Oz, MD, better known as Dr.Oz, suggests eating a handful of nuts to curb daytime cravings. He believes that even though nuts get a “bad rap” for being high in calories, there’s research that says we may not be actually absorbing all that fat. (And that fat from nuts is heart-healthy.) Eating about an ounce of raw walnuts can help fight hunger with high levels of protein.

Sleeping it Off

Hilda Hutcherson, MD says as soon as there’s a hint of sickness coming on, she immediately heads to bed. Hitting the sheets for at least 9 hours helps lower stress and therefore avoid a weakened immune system. Dr. Hutcherson also says that she can be found laying on the floor with her legs elevated against a wall as she breathes deeply for a few minutes.

Banishing Burnout with “Me” Time

About half of physicians say they experience work-related burnout. Although there’s a lot of ways that doctors will try to cope with the overwhelming stress from a day on-call, Robynne Chutkan, MD believes in having a weekly day dedicated to—just doing YOU. Dr. Chutkan has a hectic week so she uses Fridays as her day off to recover from the heavy anxiety and pressures. Her day off consists of browsing the bookstore, getting a massage, or just meditating. “Me” time keeps her feeling “balanced. Chutkin says, “I see quite a few medical problems from too much work and not enough leisure, and I encourage my patients to strive for balance in their lives.”

The “Two-Breakfast” Belief

David Katz, MD says his secret to fueling up for the day right is by having TWO breakfasts. Why? According to Dr. Katz, “It helps with portion control, and it establishes a daily eating pattern.” He plans his meal the night before and then eats half before a morning workout, and half after.

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