Five Awesome Places to See with Locum Tenens Assignments

Locum Tenens Assignments in Nashville

Five Awesome Places to See with Locum Tenens Assignments


Locum tenens assignments offer physicians the opportunity to take temporary jobs wherever they desire. It is a chance to explore the country, meet interesting people, and grow in the profession. There are some areas of the United States that offer unique places to live, but are not common vacation spots. Here are five great places that physicians should consider when seeking locum positions to really see all the country has to offer.


When people head to the west coast, California is typically the destination of choice. Washington, however, offers some gorgeous scenery between the Cascade Mountains, rainforests, and sites such as the Japanese Gardens of Manito. Some doctors say that there is strong collegiality between physicians, making it a great place to practice medicine.

City to consider: Seattle for its great patient diversity and access to top quality medical facilities


When people think of Texas, they most often picture deserts, scorpions, and men in cowboy hats. The state actually offers everything from beaches to hip urban areas to rural ranches. Doctors specifically may like the low physician density, low cost of living, and the chance to work with cutting edge medical facilities.

City to consider: Austin, towards the middle of the state, offers a vibrant community, work life balance, and lots of outdoor activities.


Indiana offers access to the Great Lakes and a chance to experience the culture and life of middle America. Cities offer a bit of culture with various museums and sports. The state boasts strong medical and pharmaceutical industries and the average medical salary compared to cost of living is high. The average malpractice payout is also the lowest in the nation.

City to consider: Indianapolis offers a strong healthcare culture along with sports, museums, and a beautiful riverfront.


This state offers easy access to the nation’s capital, with the northern counties also being considered part of the DC metro area. Living in the backyard of DC means access to politics, culture, and the rich history of the area. The cost of living in the area is also reasonable compared to the average wages and there are beaches and lakes for summer enjoyment as well.

City to consider: Arlington offers proximity to the capital along with its own rich history, small city culture, and easy commuting options.


The birthplace of Elvis, Tennessee offers a unique culture. The area has a rich history and a unique southern feel. The Smoky Mountains offer entertainment and a mild climate makes the outdoors appealing. The state has the second lowest cost of living combined with decent doctors’ salaries and no state income tax, making for a favorable financial situations.

City to consider: Nashville offers a vibrant music scene, history, and culture.

The United States offers a rich and varied cultural landscape. While some areas are popular vacation destinations, there are a variety of places that offer an interesting experience that are often skipped over. Physicians looking for locum tenens jobs should consider exploring them to see more of the nation.

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