Physician Retirement: Locum Tenens

Are you retired or thinking about retirement in the near future? Not sure if you’re ready to give up practicing altogether? Perhaps you’re interested reducing your hours while adding to your savings. Well, you may want to consider following the footsteps of Dr. Sarmina by taking on a locum tenens assignment! This less demanding, short-term commitment allows you to travel the nation while putting money in the bank. In Latin for “to hold the place of,” locum tenens physicians substitute for others on an as-needed basis. Locum tenens is a great path for physician retirement.

The demand for locum tenens is greater now more than ever and it is expected to increase. The new health care reform will extend medical coverage to 30 million uninsured people–adding pressure to the already strained healthcare system facing a doctor shortage. Retired doctors who are interested in a locum tenens assignment and who practice in one of the top specialties have the negotiating power to snag a sweet deal!

You choose:

  • Where you want to go in the nation
  • When you want to start
  • What practice setting you want to work in
  • How long/often you’d like to work

You gain:

  • Excellent pay
  • Free travel and housing
  • Less demanding schedule
  • Short-term commitment

A locum tenens assignment is the perfect route for physician retirement. You’ll still be able to practice but also relax. From majestic Maine in the summer to the sunny south in the winter–you choose you locum lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Get connected with the most reputable staffing agencies through today!


Author: Locum Jobs Online

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