Where Locum Physicians Can Earn the Highest Salaries

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Locum tenens positions offer physicians the chance to sample a wide range of locations and work environments. Medical professionals, who often find themselves facing heavy medical school bills, tend to be interested in learning what areas of the country offer the highest salaries for physicians. Here are some of the highest paying areas for locum physicians to help narrow the search

Highest paying cities for locum physicians


On average throughout the state, physicians earn an average median wage of $190,490. Two metropolitan areas within the state, however, rank very high on the list of best salaries for physicians according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Victoria, Texas and Tyler, Texas are ranked second and third, respectively, for having the highest salaries for metropolitan areas in the country.


The average median age for a doctor in Ohio is $184,210, but the state is also home to Springfield. This metropolitan area so exceeds the national average in pay that it is ranked number four for the highest paid metropolitan areas.

New Jersey

Throughout the state, physicians make an average of $195,490. The area of Ocean City, New Jersey, however is ranked the sixth highest paying metropolitan area in the country.


Statewide, physicians make an average of $182,580, and the state is home to three of the top ten paying metropolitan areas in the country. Napa, California ranks number seven, Modesto number eight, and Merced number ten in terms of the average mean hourly wage in the area.


For the state as a whole, physicians make a comfortable average median wage of $195,050. The metropolitan area of Wausau, however, offers an average median wage that falls easily above $90 per hour and is the highest paying metropolitan area in the country.

These states offer such a wide range of environments, geography, and ways of life that any physician interested in locum tenens positions in a well paying area can find a state they would enjoy. From the beaches of Ocean City, New Jersey to the wineries of Napa, California, earning a wonderful paycheck does not have to mean sacrificing hobbies and enjoyment.

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