3 Things Locum Tenens Want in an Agency

As many in the healthcare industry report, the United States is currently facing a shortage of physicians. This trend is expected to continue over the next decade or longer should these conditions persist. At the moment, healthcare facilities do what they can to make sure full-staffing is a priority. Although there are many factors which contribute to these shortages, one common solution is hiring locum tenens physicians. Finding these jobs is all about getting in with a great agency. So what are the things locum tenens want in an agency?

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If healthcare facilities and hospitals aren’t already leaning on locum tenens physicians, some reports suggest they will be soon. It’s estimated that 75% of hospitals currently leverage locum tenens once a year or more to meet their staffing needs. While they don’t stay for the long-term, locum tenens have a lasting impact on every assignment they take! Whether a permanent physician is on leave or has moved on in their career, these temporary positions provide just the right amount of flexibility.

things locum tenens want in an agency

While locum tenens rarely know the exact reason they are filling a staffing gap, many work these positions with a sense of exploration. Having the ability to work with different patients, test out unique facilities, and travel to great locations convince many that locum tenens jobs are ideal. The best staffing agencies know this and do their best to accommodate physicians in this way. In terms of things locum tenens want in an agency there are several:

3 Things Locum Tenens Want in an Agency

1. They Realize the Scope of Service

Locum tenens agencies come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are small and local while others are large and feature national networks. Additionally, certain agencies only deal with a specific range of medical specialties. Depending on what your expertise in medicine is, certain agencies can better accommodate your career goals and needs as a locum tenens physician. In any case, one of the things locum tenens want in an agency is definitely the ability to find the right jobs for their focus with support from those recruiters who understand this.

2. Proactive Agencies Work Well

For locum tenens who have been working in the industry a while, it’s understood that being proactive in terms of hiring is ideal. A sudden gap in staffing is often very costly and inefficient for hospitals. The best locum tenens agencies have already realized this and maintain a proactive approach to placing physicians. Rather than wait until there’s a dire need, they make sure there are locum tenens positions lined up to match a dynamic healthcare workforce. This is definitely one of the things locum tenens want in an agency because it means they’ll have a solid position with plenty of notice and preparation in an efficient manner.

3. Great Credentialing Support

By design, the nature of locum tenens jobs implies a significant amount of travel. With medical licenses being the very particular and official credentials they are, it’s paramount that agencies assist in ensuring compliance from state to state. No physician wants to show up to a new location only to find that their paperwork hasn’t been fully cleared! Another one of the major things locum tenens want in an agency is an active liaison between them and hiring managers. Doctors already deal with an overwhelming amount of information and stress. Having things run smoothly from one assignment to the next should be a no-brainer. Finding agencies with great credentialing support is key!

Ultimately, locum tenens physicians need the full support of agencies with these top three qualities. What other things do you look for in a staffing agency as a locum tenens? Let us know in the comments below!

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