Moving Tips For Locum Tenens

Whether you’re thinking of moving for a change of scenery and considering an assignment or already accepted an offer that’s out-of-state, there are a few things to consider before you start collecting cardboard boxes.

Google It

The first natural step is research. Look up the cost of living of the desired destination. Visit the state’s official page to get an idea of state taxes and what period of time would make you a qualified state resident; it varies from six months to a year.

A change of residency means obtaining a new driver’s license and registering to vote. Know that you can only be a resident to one state at a time; otherwise, you may get in trouble by the Feds (apparently voting twice is frowned upon).

Let’s Do It

All things considered, and you still want to go through the big move. Hooray! As a locum tenens, you need to fill out a new Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration form before you start working in the new state, or you could simply transfer your existing registration by contacting the DEA. For more details, click here.

In your new location, you may want to be able to access your money freely, so give your bank a heads up and find out how your accounts will be transferred to your new location. And if you are like most who prefer their mail to end up in the right mailbox, pay a visit to your local post office and ask for a change of address form a week before the moving date. Then there’s the small matter of ending and/or transferring your utilities services.

The Move

You may have some experience in moving, like moving in and out of college, but relocating is a whole different league. Decide whether you’ll use a shipping container service, hire a moving company, or rent a moving truck with the option to hire a moving team to help you load and unload.

Now, before you give them a call, know: what things you’re moving, who’s packing them (you or the movers), the moving date and time, unloading date and time (have your checkbook ready, for this is when most services expect payment), and depending how much faith you have in the movers, consider adding insurance. You should know that for obvious reasons, transporting explosive and/or flammable objects is illegal. Thoroughly check your products’ warning labels to find these items.

Another item you can transport is your car via an auto transporter. Of course, if you plan on driving or hauling it yourself, pay your service station a visit to make sure it can make the journey safely. Once you made it to your destination, visit your new DMV as soon as you can to register your car under your new address because this deadline varies from state to state. But give them a call first to make sure what documents you’ll need, because there is certainly is a few.

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