6 Reasons to Try a Locum Tenens Physician Job

So many healthcare professionals are so apprehensive about the idea of taking on a temporary assignments. But why?

96% of doctors are at least familiar with the concept of locum tenens work. And, most of us have at some point worked with one. But, yet still many don’t really know much about it. They seem to not realize the great perks and quality lifestyles that you can lead by choosing a locum tenens job.

In fact, there’s a lot of cool reasons why people choose the whole traveling thing. And, it’s more than just the great pay and travel opportunities (although those perks don’t hurt either.)

Locum Tenens Physician job

Why should you try a locum tenens physician job?

Break the burnout.

The great thing about a locum tenens assignment is that you can take breaks between assignments. What’s this mean for you? Well it means that after a few weeks of absolutely busting your butt working, taking calls on your cellphone on off-hours, and struggling with long hours you can finally just take some time for yourself. The toll that working as a physician constantly does for your body is seriously unreal. It almost seems impossible to imagine working so tirelessly with no light at the end of the tunnel, right?

Earn extra scratch.

A wise person once told me, “money doesn’t buy you happiness. But, money buys pizza. And that’s basically the same thing.” You can make more money in one locum paycheck than 3 months in a fellowship, in some cases. So whether you’re saving for a new car, putting it away for retirement, or trying to get those never-ending student loans off your back the income can seriously make living a whole lot more comfortable. Money makes the world go round so having a little bit more floating around sure makes life seem better.

Make time for family.

Believe it or not, working as a locum tenens actually opens up your schedule to be able to partake in more family time. Many busy practicing physicians can’t keep up the high levels of anxiety and burden. Yet, you can really chill out and be able to enjoy freedom and (for once) family time when you’re finished with your assignment.

Sharpen those skills.

When you allow yourself to be exposed to a wide variety of settings in different areas with different co-workers and populations you can really become a better doctor. It always pays to be flexible enough to treat a range of patients and working in a lot of various facilities will do much to spruce up your resume, too.

Give back to the community.

By helping fill the physician shortage in rural and undeserved areas, you can sleep well at night knowing you are serving a good purpose. Places like Alaska are suffering badly with lack of healthcare professionals. Traveling there to work for a while would genuinely be an act of humanitarianism.

Pursue other interests.

Becoming a locum tenens physician is great for the person trying to enhance their life by indulging in other passions. For example, if you want to have extra time to write a book you can sometimes find super flexible assignments. Maybe work one week and have off another week. Heck, you could do anything you wanted with all that spare time.

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