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Adelphi Medical Staffing is a national recruitment firm that specializes in sourcing locums, per diems, travel nurses, allied health, and non-clinical professionals for healthcare facilities. Our primary objective is to place highly skilled providers in facilities where they can add the most value while contributing to both provider and facility growth and success.

For our providers, our recruiters are dedicated to supporting your requests, ensuring that you receive fair compensation, and placing you in positions where you can advance your career. We maintain consistent communication with you throughout the recruitment process to keep you informed. At Adelphi, we believe in providing more than just job opportunities, but also in offering prospects for professional growth and achievement. Our vast selection of job openings makes us a top choice in the staffing industry.

For our clients, we understand the challenges of finding skilled healthcare workers who can provide exceptional care and service. We are committed to providing our clients with the best-fit candidates for their facilities. As we offer our recruitment and placement services, we place great importance on building strong relationships within the industry to maintain successful and long-lasting partnerships with our clients and the communities they serve.


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