Physician Compact License States 2023

Physician Compact License States 2023

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What is the Interstate medical licensure compact?

The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) is an agreement between states that allows physicians to practice in multiple states using one license. The IMLC was established in 2017 and went into effect in 2018.

The IMLC’s goal is to make it easier for physicians to practice in multiple states by eliminating the need to apply for and maintain multiple state medical licenses. The IMLC also ensures uniformity of professional standards across the states that have joined the compact and requires each state to share information about its physicians on an online database.

Physicians who are licensed in a participating state can apply for a physician compact license, which will allow them to practice medicine in all other participating states. To be eligible for the physician compact license, physicians must be currently licensed and in good standing in their home state. The physician compact license also carries an annual fee that must be paid each year.

What are the Physician Compact States?

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Physicians can work in any participating compact state with a compact multistate license. Here is a full list of the current status of compact occupational therapy states/territories that accept a universal interstate compact multi-state license:

These states/territories have introduced legislation to join the compact but have not passed it yet:

These states/territories do not have compact privileges:

Benefits for Physicians

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By obtaining a primary license and participating in this program, physicians can expand their practice into other states or provide care on an interstate basis without needing to meet the requirements associated with obtaining multiple licenses.

In addition to the convenience of having one license issued in several states, physicians gain many other benefits by participating in this program. One of the key advantages is increased job opportunities and the potential for higher pay.

By holding an unrestricted medical license, physicians can accept jobs in areas that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to different licensing requirements. It also allows them the flexibility to move around and practice in different states without needing to reapply for a license each time they move.

Benefits for Patients

Clients can benefit greatly from the Physician Compact License program. With a compact license, physicians are able to provide care in multiple states without having to meet different licensing requirements in each state.

This licensing process makes it easier for clients to receive care in different states without worrying about whether their doctor is adequately licensed. Furthermore, the PC program streamlines regulations across state lines, making it simpler for physicians to provide interstate care when necessary.

The PC program also makes it easier for clients to find providers in different states, as they don’t need to worry about paperwork or lengthy licensing processes. The availability of multiple providers in various states means that clients can find a provider who is the best fit for them, regardless of their location.

Requirements for IMLC License

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According to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, physicians must meet the following requirements to qualify:

In order to qualify for Compact participation, physicians must:

  • Hold a full, unrestricted medical license in a Compact member state that can serve as a State of Principal License (SPL).
    • At least one of the following also must apply:
      • The physician’s primary residence is in the SPL
      • At least 25% of the physician’s practice of medicine occurs in the SPL
      • The physician is employed to practice medicine by a person, business or organization located in the SPL
      • The physician uses the SPL as his or her state of residence for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes.
  • Have graduated from an accredited medical school, or a school listed in the International Medical Education Directory
  • Have successfully completed ACGME- or AOA-accredited graduate medical education
  • Passed each component of the USMLE, COMLEX-USA, or equivalent predecessor exam accepted by the state medical board in no more than three attempts for each component – Please note:  Passing the Canadian Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada, or the LMCC, DOES NOT meet this requirement
  • Hold a current specialty certification or time-unlimited certification by an ABMS or AOABOS board
  • In addition, physicians must:
    • Not have any history of disciplinary actions toward their medical license
    • Not have any criminal history
    • Not have any history of controlled substance actions toward their medical license
    • Not currently be under investigation

Provide Locum Tenens Jobs in Your State

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If you want to travel as a locum physician, now is the time to do it! With new legislature and access to compact state licenses, it is easier than ever for physical therapists to find jobs in their desired locations. Check out our job board to find locum tenens jobs in your state!

Author: Sam Martello

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