The Perks of Being an Anesthesiologist

The Perks of Being an Anesthesiologist

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When patients are undergoing painful procedures, one of the most important positions that hospitals actively staff are anesthesiologists- A.K.A., the sleep fairy. These professionals work in a wide range of settings — anywhere from outpatient centers to emergency rooms. Whether you are actively looking for a permanent anesthesiologist position or even a chance to take your expertise on the road, we have got you covered! In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the perks of being an anesthesiologist and the ways for you to continue advancing in your career.

Generally speaking, the number of medical school candidates pursuing careers in anesthesiology have increased tremendously over the past decade. From now until 2028, jobs in this medical field will ! In other words, this means 123,300 jobs will be available in the not-so-distant future. Overall, this makes it one of the faster growing medical professions found throughout the United States!

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Just like many medical disciplines, anesthesiologists must first complete a bachelor’s degree. That’s four years of medical school as well as a four-year residency program. Individuals must also acquire the necessary board certifications to begin their practice. Once you are fully certified, you will be well on your way to finding and enjoying the perks of being an anesthesiologist!

The Perks of Being an Anesthesiologist

Your ‘Typical’ Salary

To start, one of the most obvious perks of being an anesthesiologist is the pay. According to, the average anesthesiologist is a six digit money maker, making a whopping annual salary of $364,000 bucks! Considering that professionals in this field will often hold other certifications and subspecialty titles, this salary rate can often be even higher.

Finding jobs in all different types of settings also has an effect on how much money anesthesiologists make. Although in any case, these current salary rates continue to convince more and more medical students to make anesthesiology their focus each year! Plus, med students are able to pay off their student debt faster since their salary is higher than the average, everyday job,

The Work Hours

Compared to other types of physician jobs, anesthesiologists often have much more regular work hours. Those working in anesthesiology typically only provide their expertise immediately before, during, and after surgical procedures. Essentially, this means that these physicians aren’t always on call at the end of the day. This provides a solid schedule and ultimately opens up more time to rest or even pick up moonlighting jobs for physicians, if applicable.

However, you will have some wonky hours when surgeries are long and complicated. Some days you’re highly needed, and you’ll end up leaving your shift late into the night, whereas other times you aren’t working at all. But hey, it’s all part of the job description. If you’re caught in a personal matter and can no longer do the procedure, you can easily contact one of your anesthesiologist colleagues and ask them to step in. Every anesthesiologist is taught in a similar fashion, so they all hold the same skill sets. By getting someone else to do that regular procedure, you won’t disrupt the rest of the surgical schedule and you can place your full attention to your current situation.

Patient Relationship

Although this might be considered a drawback in other physician specialties, having limited patient interactions is occasionally one of the perks of being an anesthesiologist. Of course, this is not to say you won’t be building healthy relationships with patients at all. To put it short, it just means that you won’t need to spend as much time in this area — in part because the times that you’ll be with them, they’ll be unconscious due to your sleepy meds. However, if you are located in a smaller sized hospital, you will for sure have more patient interactions.

If you specialize in one area, you won’t see much of a patient variety, but if you don’t, you’ll meet so many patients with different ages and conditions.  After each surgery, you’ll be frequently checking in to make sure everything went smoothly, and that the drugs administered during surgery have not permanently, or even temporarily, damaged the body. You are quite literally the pain killer for people. Well, the drugs are what kills the pain, but you manage and control the dosage, so do your job right and be a hero!

Less Complications & Stress

Anesthesiologists have a complicated job, yet there are fewer complications that you face as the “sleep doctor” versus the surgeons actually performing the operation. With the right education and practice, you won’t deal with as many risky moments as other medical physicians do. This is great for you since you won’t have to stress over blood loss or lawsuits, as much as just making sure your patient is knocked out and doesn’t feel a thing.

It’s Easier to Relocate

Although you’re probably looking for a permanent position, another one of the perks of being an anesthesiologist is that you can relocate rather easily if needed. Due to the uniformity of the technical aspects of the job and the necessity of the work, it’s possible to find similar positions just about anywhere in the country! And better yet, if you do decide to find less permanent positions, you can easily transition into locum tenens work as well.

As mentioned earlier, many anesthesiologists pursue additional certifications and skill sets in other medical specialties. Not only will this increase your ability to make a greater salary, but you’ll have the ability to pick up more work, network, and you will still be able to maintain a flexible career. No matter where you find your next assignment, is here to ensure that each position is better than the last

Are you currently working as an anesthesiologist or know someone who is? Are there any other perks about being an anesthesiologist that we missed this time around? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media platforms!

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