What is the Best Drug Interaction App for Physicians?

It’s no secret that technology has continued to change the healthcare industry in many ways. From cutting-edge equipment to Telehealth services, the field has gotten a major facelift over the last few decades. But did you know that healthcare technology extends beyond hospitals and clinics? There are many mobile applications designed for doctors and patients alike. These apps store important medical data, such as prescription safety instructions, so that you can look up information instantly on your smartphone. Today we’ll go over which drug interaction app is the best for you. Continue reading for more information!drug interaction app

Which Drug Interaction App Should You Download?

As you probably know, there are so many apps available for Apple and Android devices. This can make it difficult to decide which ones are worth downloading. Luckily, we’ve put together a list to help you determine which drug interaction app is worth your while! All of the selections on our list offer many features in addition to a drug interaction checker. So, read on to figure out which one meets your specific needs and fits your budget.


Google Play Rating: 4.3

App Store Rating: 4.5 

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

In-App Purchase Options:

  • Essentials – $159.99
  • Epocrates Plus – $174.99
  • Epocrates Plus Monthly – $16.99
  • Epocrates Plus Annual – $174.99


Epocrates is regarded by many as the crème de la crème of medical apps. Not only does it serve as a drug interaction app, but it also has features such as a pill identifier, dosing calculators, peer-reviewed content, and extensive drug formularies. Though the initial download is free, there are many in-app purchases you should consider investing in. These purchases will give you access to more in-depth information that the free version does not include. You can read more about this app and its features on the Epocrates website!

Drugs.com Medication Guide

Google Play Rating: 4.7 

App Store Rating: 4.8 

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

In-App Purchase Options:

  • Remove ads for 1 year – $4.99
  • Remove ads for 3 months – $1.99


The Drugs.com Medication Guide is a great option for physicians who aren’t interested in spending money on apps such as Epocrates Plus. It offers many of the same features as the Epocrates app like a pill identifier and a drug interaction checker, but it also includes new features such as a symptoms checker and a Q & A option. Though the Drugs.com Medication Guide does have two in-app purchase options, they only function to remove ads. So, if you don’t mind encountering a few ads during your browsing experience, the Drugs.com Medication Guide will do the job without costing you a dime!


Google Play Rating: 4.7

App Store Rating: 3.7

Price: Free


You’ve probably heard of Medscape before. It’s one of the most popular online resources for medical information on the internet. The Medscape app streamlines all of this information into an easy-to-use format so that you can access it from virtually anywhere on your smartphone. Some of the features that landed it on our list are, of course, the drug interaction checker, its customizable medical news feed, and other valuable point-of-care information. Though you will need a Medscape account to use this app, there is no charge for signing up!


Google Play Rating: 4.2

App Store Rating: 4.1

Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)

In-App Purchase Options:

  • Lexicomp Professional Package – $29.99
  • Lexi-COMPLETE – $29.99


Lexicomp is a drug reference app that stores a large amount of medical data directly on your device. This is very helpful for physicians because you will be able to look up information even if you have a weak or nonexistant internet signal. In addition to a drug interaction checker, Lexicomp users will enjoy many features that other apps do not have. Some of these features include a pharmacogenomics database, IV compatibility data, drug shortage information, and even patient education leaflets. When you download this app, you will receive a one-month free trial to Lexi-Complete. Once the free trial is over, you will automatically be billed $29.99 per month. To avoid this charge, you need to cancel your free trial at least 24 hours before the end of their trial period.

Now you have plenty of information to help you select the best drug interaction app. All of these apps offer free versions or trials, so we suggest you try out one or two to get a feel for their usability and features. Once you’re more familiar with your options, you can figure out whi one is best for you!

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