Healthcare Interview Questions You Need to Know

When you apply for a Locum Tenens position, each employer is going to be looking for something specific. Interviewers, in any field, are going to have a tailored interview process they adhere to. This means specific questions, activities, and maybe even practical displays of your abilities. Especially in the healthcare industry, they are going to be looking for highly skilled professionals.

Interacting with interviewers in the healthcare industry is completely different than most other professions. As a candidate, you will definitely be required to have the proper technical skills. You will also need to fit hospital culture, have proper bedside manner with patients, and get along with other physicians. Interviewers are going to have their own sets of healthcare interview questions and guidelines when they examine you for the job. We have compiled a helpful list of healthcare interview questions!

healthcare interview questions

healthcare interview questions

Popular Healthcare Interview Questions

You are going to have to be on your game when looking for a job you really like. Being a travel physician isn’t easy, and neither is the interview process. But hopefully, with practice and determination, you will do well in your interview. Find a friend to practice these interview questions with!

“Tell me about yourself.”

While it sounds simple, this is one of the most difficult healthcare interview questions to answer. You want to be thorough in describing yourself, but you don’t want to sound self-centered. Your answer should also be no more than a few sentences.  Interviewers ask this question to get a feel for your experience and your dreams for the future. When answering, let them know about your goals and your abilities.

“What will you bring to the practice?” 

Again, this is more of an experience question, but don’t be afraid to talk about your personality. Yes, the interviewer wants to know you will be competent in treating patients, but they also want you to be personable. Show off your personality! Let the interviewer know you can work well with others. You can highlight your abilities and experiences as well as your personal motivations and work mentality.

“How do you fair when under pressure?” 

As a physician, you are going to be in a hectic environment with so many changing variables. Interviewers are looking for an answer that shows you understand the importance of balance. Be honest, but also show them that you can ask for help if you need to.

“Describe a time, give me an example of when, how have you handled…?” 

Questions that begin with these phrases are considered behavioral and situational questions. If an interviewer asks, “Give me an example of when you had to interact with a difficult patient/coworker,” they are not looking for a hypothetical answer. Instead, they want concrete examples of real situations that you have had to face. Make sure to prepare a few anecdotes that you could apply to different behavioral questions.

Tips for Getting Hired

There are a lot of other ways to prepare for an interview besides going over the healthcare interview questions. You’ll want to follow these tips to give yourself the extra boost on your job hunt:

  • Be prepared: Know where and when your interview is and be on time.
  • Dress the part: An interview is like a business meeting. Wear appropriate, business casual clothing.
  • Have a sense of humor: Remain relaxed and comfortable during your interview. Having high spirits shows a higher level of confidence and optimism about your position.
  • Do your research: Interviewers like it when you reference something the company has accomplished. Don’t be afraid to relate answers to material you found about them through research.

Now that you are able to nail your interview, you can browse our job listings to find your perfect locum tenens position!

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