Doximity Tips for Physicians: Networking for Newbies

You’re probably thinking, why should I use Doximity? Well, the answer is simple. In this day and age, you can accomplish a lot in both your personal and professional life by using the internet. Doximity is a social networking service like LinkedIn, but it’s specifically designed for medical professionals! Launched in 2011, Doximity has grown to be the largest HIPAA-secure medical networking website in the United States. Its members have access to career opportunities, breaking medical news, messaging services, and secure case collaborations. So, if you’re new to social networking and not sure how to get started, follow these Doximity tips for physicians. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!


3 Essential Doximity Tips for Physicians

Creating and running a professional social media account is a lot different from maintaining a personal profile. A great professional profile improves your online visibility and increases your chances of getting more industry connections, referrals, and job opportunities. 

In fact, having a Doximity profile gets 85% of physicians on the first page of a Google search. Being on social media as a medical profession is very similar to running a brand. You have to put yourself out there and highlight your strengths. Follow these steps to ensure that your Doximity profile is the best it can be!

Pretend Your Profile is Your Resume

With over one million verified members on Doximity, there are a lot of people who will view your profile. So, make it count! A resume doesn’t just include a list of job duties, it also shows your best accomplishments! You worked very hard to earn your degrees and certifications, so don’t be afraid to show them to the world. Be sure to add a lot of relevant information about what you’ve achieved and how your work has made an impact on your patients. 

Examples of information to include in your profile are:

  • Current and past work experience
  • Universities, degrees, concentrations, and minors
  • Research, publications, awards, skills, and certifications

Add a Profile Photo

Physicians who include photos of themselves have their profiles viewed twice as often as those who do not upload a picture. But, not just any photo will do. Select a professional and recent headshot without any filters or obvious edits. Be sure to get rid of any distractions in the frame such as people, pets, or flashy accessories. It’s okay to wear a white coat or a stethoscope, but don’t overdo it! And, since you are the focus, make sure to stand in front of a plain background. Following these guidelines will help you gain credibility and stand out among your peers!

Expand Your Network

Adding ‘colleagues’ to your list on Doximity allows you to keep track of your professional network. The more colleagues you connect with, the more exposure you will have on the website. This being said, you should use some discretion when adding others on the website. The quality of your connections is much more important than the quantity

Doximity also allows you to manage your pending colleague invitations and discover users you may know based on your previous connections. Adding someone as a colleague lands them on your contacts list so that you can communicate with them instantly. You can also share your personal contact information with them if you wish. Make sure you keep in touch with your colleagues frequently. You never really know when you’ll need some advice or other information from them!  

As long as you follow these Doximity tips for physicians, you’ll be on your way to creating a fantastic professional profile! 

Are there any important Doximity tips for physicians that we missed in this blog? Share some of your experiences with Doximity in the comments below!

Author: Locum Jobs Online

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