The Benefits of Locum Tenens Summer Jobs

Are you a physician considering locum tenens work? Have you done locum work before but you’re unsure if you’d like to sign up again? Are you worried about missing important time with your family during the holidays? Summer is almost here, and this could be the best time for you to take on a new locum tenens travel assignment. Many of you probably know some of the benefits of being a locum tenens physician. Some of the job’s main perks include challenging work and excellent compensation. But did you know that locum tenens summer jobs come with even more advantages? Keep reading to learn about why you should start applying for locum tenens positions this summer!locum tenens summer jobs

Benefits of Locum Tenens Summer Jobs

A travel job is already a pretty sweet deal. However, locum jobs can be even more beneficial during the summer months. Read on to discover why locum tenens summer jobs could be a good option for you. New adventures and rewarding work are right around the corner!


One of the best benefits of locum tenens summer jobs is the fact that they are incredibly flexible. You have the power to create your own schedule as a locum tenens physician. It’s up to you to decide the types of assignments you’ll take, where you will work, and how long these jobs will be. This is what makes it a perfect career choice for people with families. Working in the summer will allow you to take breaks during other busier times of the year. How great would it be to have Christmas and New Years off this year?


Getting paid to travel is another obvious benefit of locum tenens work. What could be better than that? As nice as this benefit is, the weather always plays an important role in how much you’ll enjoy sightseeing in your new location. Working locum tenens summer jobs is usually more enjoyable because you can explore your new city or town in the summer sun. This is especially true for beautiful states with harsher winters such as Oregon.


Finding an ideal locum travel assignment is much easier in the summer months. Many locums choose to take some time off during this season, which means there are more jobs available for you. Hospitals in popular summer destination spots such as Florida and other coastal states are always in need of locum tenens. They hire more staff members in order to handle the seasonal population increase they see each year. Patients don’t take vacations, so hospitals will be happy to pay for your help and expertise during the summer.

Burnout Prevention

Physician burnout continues to be a major problem for doctors. In some cases, this burnout leads to other problems such as suicide. How can you as a physician be expected to heal others while you yourself are suffering? Luckily, working locum tenens summer jobs may be the key to combatting physician burnout. Being able to pick when and where you work helps you achieve a better work-life balance. Exploring new places through your travel opportunities is another activity that will boost your mood significantly. Through locum tenens summer jobs, you can still help your patients without sacrificing your wellbeing.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in locum tenens work or simply want more information, apply online today or browse our available positions by specialty, state, or license.

Are there any benefits of locum tenens summer jobs that we missed in this blog? What is your favorite destination for a locum tenens summer assignment? Please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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