Packing Tips for Travel Physicians

As a travel physician, you can be on an assignment for weeks or months at a time. Packing for these trips can be stressful, especially because there’s no turning back if you forget anything. Here are nine essential packing tips to help you pack smarter and lighter for your next travel assignment.packing tips

Simple Packing Tips

Write a List

It’s important to begin planning before you start packing. At least a week before your departure, start creating a list of everything you think you may need while traveling. Some people prefer hand-written lists, but consider keeping one on your phone. This will allow you to easily add any extra items as you think of them. Remember to keep your list with you during your trip so you have a guide for repacking your suitcase when the time comes.

Versatile Clothing

Whether it’s a busy tie or a pair of neon heels, we all have our statement pieces. As great as this clothing is, it is not practical for traveling. Try to pack clothing that can be used for many different outfits by matching colors and sticking to similar styles. Investing in some reversible clothing is also a great way to save space and make your bag lighter.  


Layers are your best friends. Instead of bringing bulky clothes to keep you warm, pack layered outfits. They make it easy to control how warm or cold you are, which is especially great for air travel. Layers work well for warmer destinations because of the extreme temperature changes between air conditioning and the outdoors. Layered clothing also provides more options for outfits while still being practical.   

Carry On Outfit

As awful as it is, losing your luggage is sometimes unavoidable. It’s important to be prepared if you lose your belongings. We suggest that you pack one full outfit in your carry on just in case the rest of your luggage goes missing. This gives you one set of clean clothes to change into while you shop for replacements or wait for your luggage to be returned to you. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for that extra pair of clean socks.

Wear Heavy Items on the Plane

If you have heavier items such as hiking boots or coats, it’s important to wear them on the plane. Packing them in your suitcase will only add extra weight and take up valuable space. Since you’ll be packing for several weeks, you’ll need all the space you can get.


Switching from folding to rolling your clothes is one of the best packing tips we have to offer. Tightly rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing, and rolled clothes are also less likely to wrinkle. Rolling your clothing will give you more options and keep them looking great. 

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are another easy way to save space in your suitcase. They keep your clothing organized so that you can quickly find whatever you need. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can move the cubes into your dresser drawers and save yourself the hassle of repacking them later.

Travel Bottles

There’s no need to carry an entire bottle of shampoo in your suitcase. They’re bulky, heavy, and they take up much-needed space. If you have a few essential toiletries that you can’t live without, buy some travel-sized bottles to put them in. You can refill them as needed once you arrive at your destination.  

Leave Some Space  

The final step of our packing tips list is one of the most important. Resist the urge to overpack and leave some space in your bag! Many of the items you’ll want to pack are unnecessary, and they’ll only add weight to your suitcase. So be selective about what you choose to pack and use any extra space for souvenirs or purchases from your tip. And if you don’t bring anything back, at least you’ll have a lighter bag to carry.

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