Benefits of Yoga on the Road for Locum Tenens

Constantly being on the road can take a large toll on both your physical and mental health. While eating right and exercise are very important, there are also many benefits of yoga on the road. While it isn’t as intense and sweaty as other workouts, it can have a hugely beneficial impact on your life and your health.

Benefits of Yoga on the Road

Healthy woman doing yoga exercises at home on the floor.

There are a number of physical and mental benefits of yoga on the road. While they are not all blindingly obvious changes, over time they will help you continue to function at your best capacity. When you’re at your best, you can take better care of your patients! Check out the benefits of yoga on the road.

Five Benefits of Yoga on the Road for Locum Tenens

Relieve Chronic Pain

Chronic pains are common among all ages and all industries. Especially when it comes to being on the road all the time. Chronic pains include things like lower back pain, arthritis, and headaches just to name a few. Not only can these put your body in physical distress, but it can be annoying as you are trying to get through a shift or an assignment. Yoga is not only mental, but it is very physical. It can be a series of stretches, or maybe even just one depending on the instructor or flow you are doing. By stretching your body, you are loosening your muscles and allowing better circulation. This can help relieve pain. Poses such as Sphinx pose (pictured below) in particular, can help to ease lower back pain and relieve any tension you might be experiencing.

Benefits of Yoga on the Road

Young woman practicing yoga, doing Sphinx pose.

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Lower Blood Pressure

As you probably know, high blood pressure is a serious condition that can sometimes become fatal. It is not easy for patients to detect because more often than not it doesn’t have any symptoms. Being in a medical field, it is often easy to overlook your own personal health in favor of taking better care of your patients. While this dedication to your patients is respected, it is not recommended. Taking care of your own health is important, especially when you are constantly moving and doing. While there are many identifiable (and non-identifiable) causes of high blood pressure, some of the most common include too much sodium in the diet, not being physically active and stress. Stress and lack of physical activity can be especially common for physicians in locum tenens positions. Yoga can help with this! Also, yoga can be as long or as short as you want. That is the real beauty of it. It can be what you want it to be, which is PERFECT for long shift hours. It also doesn’t take up much space, which means you could even do it in the breakroom if you really needed to!

Mental Clarity

One of the most important benefits of yoga on the road for locum tenens has to be the mental clarity that comes with practicing yoga. While it is a lot of stretching your body into sometimes weird positions, yoga is largely a breathing practice. It is all about focusing on your body and tuning into your breathing. More oxygen to the brain can not only increase your brain’s activity but it can also help you clear your mind. This sense of calm will allow you to focus better on your patients or tasks for the day. Yoga can also sharpen your concentration – something that is obviously very important in the healthcare industry. By learning how to tune into your breathing and how your body is feeling, you can apply these focusing techniques to all aspects of your life including your career. Yoga is all about taking things one step or pose at a time, and that mindset can also be applied to your everyday life.

Regulating the Adrenal Glands

Your adrenal glands produce cortisol when your body is in crisis mode. High cortisol levels can be detrimental to your immune system if they stay elevated for a long period of time. Doing yoga can help lower your cortisol levels, protecting your immune system and boosting it at the same time! This is one of the more hidden benefits of yoga on the road, but it is important nonetheless.

While these are just a few of the many health benefits yoga provides, they can positively impact your life, and you can start today! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be flexible to start practicing yoga. You don’t need any special equipment or even fancy clothes! All you need is yourself and your willingness to experience the calm that comes with a good flow.


Have you practiced yoga before? Tell us what your favorite pose is in the comments below!

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