Benefits of Working in a VA

Veteran’s Day recently was celebrated, and it got many of us thinking about those working in VA hospitals and other medical facilities that help veterans. There are literally thousands of veterans that need medical treatment every single day. When it comes to healthcare positions for locum tenens, we often just think about the major healthcare facilities that are scattered throughout the U.S. However, VAs can often get overlooked despite the large clientele. These government-run facilities ensure that those who defended our country get the proper care they need. Below we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of working in a VA.

Benefits of Working in a VA

You’re a Government Employee

It’s no surprise that government jobs are often very coveted. Whether it be the steady amount of vacation days, or the various insurance benefits offered, one of the biggest benefits of working in a VA is that you’re on the government’s payroll. The Federal Employees Health Benefits program will ensure that you have the widest range of healthcare options for you and your family. There is also a Federal Employees Retirement System to ensure that you’re financially prepared after you retire. These are some of the best work benefits possible, and if you decide to work at a VA, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all of them.

The Patients

You’ve probably met many patients that have had an impact on your life over the years, but veterans are a special bunch. These are men and women who’ve traveled around the globe defending our freedom. Now they’re home to enjoy that freedom they worked for. One of the benefits of working in a VA is getting to interact with these veterans. Whether they’re recounting an old war story, or simply spending time with their grandchildren, these veterans will have plenty to talk about, and will certainly need an ear to listen to them. You’ll get to watch a recently discharged hero through his or her entire lifespan.

Less Pressure For Doctors

One of the most stressful things for doctors who work at a traditional hospital is the looming hospital review that every patient has the ability to fill out. My physicians will feel obligated to perform extra exams just to satisfy a patient. In many cases, a facility’s financial support from the government can depend on the reviews from patients, which leaves many doctors in a very difficult situation. Nurses will also appreciate physicians more because they feel like you both are on the same playing field. You’re all hired employees, so one of the benefits of working at a VA is knowing that you’re all in it together. Your most important task is to ensure that your patients get the proper care they deserve.

benefits of working in a va

Research Opportunities

Those looking to advance their schooling will be happy to know that one of the benefits of working in a VA is the extensive research program they have to offer. They have a huge digital database of information. Many physicians will choose to work in a VA to engage in some groundbreaking research. Physicians even have the opportunity to earn research grants to help support any future research as well.

Access to New Technology

VA employees also will be given access to the latest healthcare technologies. Whether it’s testing out equipment during the research phase or implementing the newest tech to hit the market, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands of some very cool healthcare equipment. One of the best pieces of technology the VA has is the data-sharing system that allows healthcare professionals to access patient’s information anywhere, anytime. This advanced EHR system spans across hundreds of facilities to ensure that your patients get the best possible care.

There are many benefits of working in a VA. Not only are you helping a demographic of heroes, but you’ll be under an employer that provides stellar benefits and a job environment that encourages learning. What are some other benefits of working in a VA? Comment below!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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