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You’ve decided to make a shift in your career. You are craving more versatility and diversity in your workday. Rather than leaving the medical field altogether, you decide to make the exciting shift to living the locum lifestyle! Being a locum tenens is an extremely unique and exciting career path. As a locum tenens, you have the ability to accept assignments in new and exciting locations numerous times a year. This structure of work allows for a dynamic and energetic lifestyle. However, as we all know, locum tenens are constantly on the go and don’t have time to worry about housing! Are you considering accepting a locum tenens assignment? Need help figuring out your housing arrangements? Not to worry! We’re here to discuss housing for locum tenens, and trust us… you will have plenty of options!

housing for locum tenens

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Housing for Locum Tenens: Assignment Length Matters

Depending on the length of your assignment, your housing will vary. If you accept a shorter assignment, your housing accommodations will most likely be a hotel room or suite. Assignments that have a lengthier stay will most likely land you in temporary housing. If you strongly prefer one type of housing to the other, make sure you are looking for assignments that offer the corresponding type of housing you prefer.

Housing for Locum Tenens: Long-Term Assignment Housing

If you just accepted a long-term assignment you will most likely be placed in temporary housing. In most cases, your agency will cover or help to cover a portion of your housing expenses. These housing arrangements can vary from for rent by owner, Airbnb, and VBRO. This type of housing has many benefits for locum tenens. First, because you are living in temporary housing such as an Airbnb you already have a furnished house. Small details like kitchen appliances to larger features such as couches and a TV, will all be included. Additionally, temporary housing will also offer more living space and privacy, which is crucial for locum tenens that are constantly traveling.

Housing for Locum Tenens: Short-Term Assignment Housing

If you are planning on accepting a short-term locum assignment your housing placement will most likely be a hotel room. Depending on your hotel room you may have a small kitchenette, bathroom, and bed area. Take advantage of your kitchenette and cook some of your meals. If you only have a bathroom and bed area, take advantage of the different amenities that your hotel has to offer. Likely you will have a continental breakfast and housekeeping included. Most hotels also have pools and extra lounges available! Finally, try and personalize your living space by adding pictures of friends and family!

Housing for Locum Tenens: Other Options

Lastly, if you’re about to head out on a locum assignment to a city where your friends or family live, consider staying with them! If your agency is only covering part of your housing expenses or giving you a weekly stipend, living with relatives or friends is a great way to save money and simultaneously live in a comfortable housing environment. Staying with friends or family also has other added benefits! For example, if you are heading to a new city, having extended family members as a support system or friends to go out with can be extremely beneficial.

Locum tenens positions are becoming an increasingly important role in the medical field. Are you a current locum tenens? What are some other helpful housing options and tips? We want to hear from you, comment them below!

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