Dating In Residency: How To Make Your Relationship Last

We all know how difficult and busy residency life can be. Between managing long shifts, monitoring patients, and studying your day can easily get away from you. It’s no surprise that doctors may have to work just a little harder to keep up with their personal lives. So what about dating? How do you make dating in residency work? We’ve come up with a few tips for how to make dating in residency possible. Don’t let your busy career keep you from finding happiness!

Dating In Residency

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Five Tips For Dating In Residency

Put Down Your Cell Phone

Seriously! When you’re with your significant other, put down your phone! On average Americans spend just under two and a half hours on our phones each day! Allocate time you might spend scrolling or texting into something more meaningful. Use the extra time to try out a new restaurant or get outside with your significant other. Even if your plans are casual, limit the time spent looking at your device, and to use your phone only when needed. Of course, it’s always nice to check social media and catch up with your friends. Instead, try setting aside a few minutes at the end of each day to catch up rather than checking your phone constantly.

Take advantage of the 24 Hour Rule

When dating in residency your significant other will, unfortunately, have a much different schedule than you. This is inevitable! Rather than fight opposing schedules determine how you want to stay in touch. A great rule of thumb is the 24-hour rule. You must hear from your significant other every 24 hours. Of course, change the guidelines to best fit your relationship. For example, if you want to your boyfriend/girlfriend to check up on you more frequently, try a 12-hour rule. Discuss what would be best for your relationship, and establish a communication rule to help while separated due to work.

Leave Work at Work

Long and grueling shifts can put a strain on how you are feeling. A poor mindset from work can easily come home with you and affect your relationship. Instead, try your best to acknowledge that you had a stressful day. Talk with your significant other about why you had a rough or demanding day, and then focus on each other. Most likely, your time is limited; don’t waste it focusing on problems at work or how exhausted you feel.

Surprise One Another

Seriously! Small-unexpected surprises are a great way to show appreciation for your significant other. Leaving a note, voicemail, or text message are great ways to let your partner know your thinking of them. Moreover, if you’ll have long stretches where you won’t be seeing one another, simple surprises can go a long way. If you have a small break in the day, surprise your loved one for lunch, a mid-day walk, or even phone call.

Be Understanding and Compromise

Our final tip for dating in residency is to remember to be understanding and compromise! Most likely, you and your partner will work late, cancel plans, and come home feeling stressed or annoyed. Being annoyed or mad at your partner will not benefit anyone. Let your significant other feel the way they need to, and try to find compromises and solutions to your problems.

There you have it! Dating in residency is never easy but we hope these five tips can come in handy! Are you currently dating in residency? Do you have any other tips that aren’t on this list? Comment them below! We would love to hear from you!

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