What is Locum Tenens Nursing?

If you’ve been on our website before, you probably know that we provide locum tenens assignments for a variety of healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a surgeon looking for a change of scenery or a general physician who is looking to pursue a specialty, our site provides a wide variety of options. However, one of the specialties that we offer assignments for isn’t as well known. Locum tenens nursing assignments are constantly being posted on our site, but not everyone knows about this career path. So, what is locum tenens nursing? Well, below we’ll provide an overview of the career, and why it just may be the ideal locum tenens assignment for you.

What is Locum Tenens Nursing?

What is locum tenens nursing? Well, before we can answer that, it’s important to go over what locum tenens actually is. A locum tenens essentially is someone who takes the place of a current healthcare worker for a designated period of time. Think of them as a substitute teacher who might come in if the current one is going to be out for an extended period of time. A locum tenens nurse is the same concept. A nurse will take a locum tenens assignment and fill in for a short-staffed facility. With a nursing shortage in full swing, many facilities are leaning on locum tenens to fill vacancies and keep their facilities up and running. So, what is locum tenens nursing? Well, it’s certainly a career worth looking into!

what is locum tenens nursing

Why Would I Want to?

You’re probably wondering why you’d even want to pursue a locum tenens nursing career, right? With a nursing shortage in full swing, you might think that you can find permanent jobs whenever you want. Well, this isn’t always true, and there are certainly a number of other reasons why locum tenens nursing might be right for you. Let’s take a look!

The Travel

Similar to travel nursing, a locum tenens nursing assignment provides the opportunity to explore an entirely new area. With assignments all across the country, you’ll be able to pick where exactly you’d like to go. Maybe you want to spend your days off on the beaches of Miami, or perhaps you’re looking to embrace the outdoors during an assignment in Montana. Either way, a locum tenens nursing job just might be the change that you’ve been looking for.

The Job Opportunities

No matter how often we’re told that nursing is on the rise, jobs are plentiful and nurses in (most) areas are paid pretty well, there are still tons of unemployed nurses throughout the country. It’s possible you might work in a rural area that simply doesn’t have a lot of nursing job opportunities. So, what is locum tenens nursing? Well, it’s a new door that just opened, and you can walk through it and find and find a lucrative nursing assignment. At the very least, it’s always a good idea to know all of your options.

Testing a New Job

Many nurse practitioners will use a locum tenens nursing assignment as a way to test the waters. They might be thinking about moving to an area permanently and want to test what the living environment is like. Or, they might be attracted to a particular specialty or even facility and want to make sure they’re making the right decision. Either way, a locum tenens nursing assignment is a great way to try out a new location or specialty before making a longer commitment.

Pay Rate

We also can’t forget about the financial aspect of getting into the locum tenens nursing field. With a high demand for locum tenens, those looking to get into the field can expect a handsome hourly wage to compensate for the commitment. If you use a recruiter, they can often find the best-paying assignment that fits your criteria. They will ensure that you’re getting the best possible wage and will provide tools and resources to further your locum tenens career.

So, what is locum tenens nursing? Well, it just might be your next career choice. If you think a locum tenens nursing job is right for you, feel free to check out all the assignments we have to offer! It’s time to start a rewarding and exciting adventure!

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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