5 Reasons a Locum Tenens is Needed and Why It Should Be You

Let me guess. You’ve heard about locum tenens positions, but you’re not exactly sure why hospitals hire a “substitute doctor.” However, you like the idea of not having a full-time job to tie you down while still using your medical degree. If that’s you, let’s clear a few things up! Here are the five reasons a locum tenens is needed in the healthcare industry and a few reasons why you should consider locum tenens jobs!

5 Reasons a Locum Tenens is Needed

There are five reasons a locum tenens is needed at a hospital, according to a 2013 survey on physician trends.

  1. Fill in for staff who have left. Sometimes it’s easier to hire a locum tenens than to spend the money and resources to find another full-time position. The survey revealed that this is the top reason hospitals will seek locum tenens.
  1. Replace open positions until the hospital finds a permanent physician. The second most common reason that hospitals will hire a locum tenens is to replace a full-time position until they can find another permanent physician.
  1. Cover while staff is on vacation/or continuing their medical education. If the staff is away on vacation or taking a break from their work to continue their education, locum tenens are a great temporary fill-in during those times.
  1. Join full-time staff during peak usage times. Locum tenens jobs are common in states or hospitals that experience peak usage times. For example, Florida gets an influx of snowbirds each winter, as older people notoriously travel south for the winter to avoid the cold. Hospitals in Florida may hire locum tenens to help them out during these busy times.
  1. Help to meet rising patient demand. Locum tenens can also help to meet rising patient demand, especially in certain specialties. For example, many hospitals are seeing a rise in opioid overdose patients in the emergency department. They may bring in additional help to meet that patient demand.

Why You Should Consider Locum Tenens Jobs

reasons why a locum tenens is needed

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Now you know there is a demand for locum tenens and the list of reasons a locum tenens is needed. Here are the five reasons why you should consider locum tenens jobs!

Dip your toes in the water

Locum tenens jobs are great for those who are just starting their medical career and want to dip their toes in the water. They can gain experience in a variety of settings by accepting temporary contracts as a locum tenens. This way they can discover what path they want to take in their career.

Avoid the politics

Temporary physician work isn’t just for those who are trying to find their way. It’s also perfect for experienced physicians who tire of the politics that full-time medical work brings. Are you experiencing physician burn out and in need of a break from endless paperwork and documentation? Consider taking the locum road.

Transition to retirement

Just like this line of work is great for someone starting out, it’s also perfect for someone who’s getting ready to retire. Take a lighter workload while still using your medical degree by switching to a locum tenens position until you’re ready to completely retire.

Increase your income

Due to the special contract rates and tax options you receive by working as a locum tenens, you have the potential to earn more money this way. Not only can you earn more money but you will have a much more flexible schedule than the demanding hours of a full-time position.

Absorb new experiences

No matter where you’re at in life, new experiences can do you good. Working as a locum tenens can give you a multitude of new experiences. Not only will you gain experience working in different hospitals with different cultures and processes, but you’ll also have the option to live in new places. Travel a little bit while pursuing your career!

Locum Tenens Jobs: Apply Today!

Now that I gave you five reasons why a locum tenens is needed and why you should do it, can you come up with any reason why you shouldn’t? Good. Apply today!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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