Locum Tenens for Physician Assistants

Did you know that there are jobs in locum tenens for physician assistants? You don’t have to be a doctor to take advantage of the locum lifestyle! You can take on temporary assignments anywhere in the country as a physician assistant. No matter if you are just starting out, simply tiring of the politics that full-time work brings, or preparing for retirement, locum tenens for physician assistants is an option for you!

Locum Tenens for Physician Assistants: Four Benefits to the Locum Lifestyle

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The opportunity to travel is a big reason why you should consider locum tenens for physician assistants.

There are many benefits to the locum tenens lifestyle, but the top four benefits are pay, travel, flexibility in your schedule, and an opportunity to fill gaps in care.

  1. Pay

Locum tenens for physician assistants gives you the opportunity to make more money than a full-time position. As a contract worker, you’ll have access to tax stipends and other benefits.

  1. Travel

There are locum tenens positions across the country, so this career will give you the option to travel and work in a variety of healthcare facilities.

  1. Flexibility

You’ll have a more flexible schedule if you choose to take on contract positions. You could work a contract, take a break and travel, then work another contract. While on assignment you might be tied to a specific schedule, but what you do in between is your choice!

  1. Fill gaps in care

As a locum tenens, you’ll be able to fill gaps where care is desperately needed. There are many reasons that hospitals hire locum tenens, but the main reason is to replace positions that are currently vacant. When those positions remain empty, that’s fewer patients being seen. You have the chance to help hospitals and communities in need by taking on contract work in these areas.

Locum Tenens for Physician Assistants: How to Transition from Full Time to Contract

If you’re considering switching from full-time work to a contract position, you’re probably wondering exactly how to go about doing that? For starters, we recommend finding yourself an agency that can help you find the best position. Also, don’t forget there are many things to consider such as where you will live, what you’ll do about your current living situation and bills, and whether or not you’ll be bringing your family with you. The more you plan out ahead of time, the easier your transition from full-time to contract work will be.

Locum Tenens for Physician Assistants: What Steps to Take Next

Here are the steps you could take to become a locum tenens.

  1. Make sure that it’s good for you. There are certain personality traits that will make this transition easier for you. The locum lifestyle is not for everyone. Consider if this is something you think you can adapt to – it’s always worth trying at least once!
  2. If you decide you’re serious about becoming a locum tenens physician assistant, then you should browse agencies and reach out to them. Find someone you can easily communicate with and who understands exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Work with a recruiter to make sure you have all the documentation you’ll need to go on a locum tenens assignment. This could take some time, depending on where your PA license is valid.
  4. Be patient and be open-minded. Know that everyone’s experience is different, and there are so many different things that can happen until you get into a routine as a locum tenens. It’s important to be calm and flexible as you adjust to your new career.

Are you ready to pursue locum tenens for physician assistants? Start browsing physician assistant jobs now!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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