Five Things You Didn’t Know About Locum Tenens Jobs

Locum tenens jobs provide physicians with some of the best and most flexible opportunities throughout medicine. With positions in nearly every specialty out there, professionals can find just the right fit in any state throughout the country! And while many realize the particular benefits associated with the job, consider the things you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs. Here we’ll explore some misconceptions and hidden benefits associated with working as a locum tenens physician:

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Locum Tenens Jobs

To start, recent surveys have shown that 94 percent of healthcare facility managers reported using locum tenens physicians sometime during the last 12 months. Additionally, 47 percent of healthcare facility managers say they are actively seeking locum tenens physicians for current jobs. That’s certainly good news for those working in the field! Whether you’re new to these jobs or have years of experience, things you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs can provide some new perspectives!

1. All Types of Facilities Employ Locum Tenens

No matter what your specialty or preferred working environment is, locum tenens jobs can provide a solution! Facilities from standard hospitals and clinics to government organizations and research positions all use locum tenens to fill their staffing gaps. Some choose to work in senior care facilities, schools and universities, or even through non-profit or volunteer organizations. While it’s well known that physician burnout and maintain staffing quotas is the goal, not all know that locum tenens physicians really have their pick when it comes to employment settings.

2. Locum Tenens Can Be Your Full-Time Job

Lots of people think of these positions as temporary gigs and nothing more. However, I bet one of the things you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs is that the career path allows full-time employment! Doctors seeking alternatives for overcoming career roadblocks like burnout, limited time with patients, and staffing demands find solutions with these jobs. Sure, the obvious benefits of a permanent physician job can be enticing, and yet many shy away from locum tenens work because they were told it’s not viable for full-time doctors. Really, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Not only is gaining a diverse professional experience possible but so too is making more money per assignment. Of course, it takes more planning and coordination with your recruiter, but many people can and do work as locum tenens physicians full-time!

things you didn't know about locum tenens jobs

3. Working Locum Tenens at any Career Stage

Among the things you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs is this huge misconception — doctors can work as locum tenens physicians at any career stage! Most assume that young doctors getting their feet wet or retiring physicians choose this type of work. However, locum tenens jobs fit anyone’s career path regardless of age! Honestly, locum tenens work is particularly valuable for those who need to refresh their careers after working in one location for decades. Finding locum tenens opportunities is one sure-fire way to continue learning, even midway through a medical career.

4. Find Recurring Locum Tenens Assignments

Something else you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs is that physicians can return to temporary positions. Often times, people assume that you’re just drifting through town only to vanish off into the sunset after your assignment. Sure, you may personally enjoy that aesthetic, however, it’s quite possible to return to previous assignments. This aspect of locum tenens work is amazing because it provides the ability to build long-lasting, nation-wide networks and a great experience. Besides, when you return to a facility, you’ll spend much less time learning the lay of the land and can get right to work!

5. Your Staffing Agency is Always There

Many assume that medical staffing agencies function similarly to entry-level temp agencies — this is a horrible misconception! Instead of just dropping you off at the first job they can find, your locum tenens agency and recruiter are there for your support and success. No matter what you run into during an assignment, calling on your recruiter for potential solutions is something that permanent physician jobs don’t provide. Everything from malpractice coverage, housing, and travel expenses, to credentialing and paperwork is taken care of! Most think that recruiters don’t really interact with locum tenens physicians much. However, building great relationships with your recruiter really helps a career take off and soar!

What are things you didn’t know about locum tenens jobs? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Connor Smith

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