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Working as a locum tenens physician is a great way to keep your career fresh, but it takes some upkeep. Luckily, you don’t have to go about finding every job all on your own! Whether you’re new to locum tenens work or not, working closely with a recruiter really makes the difference. Sustaining your career means evolving with each assignment… And learning to build better physician-recruiter relationships is the secret! We’ll explore some industry recommendations below:

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build better physician-recruiter relationships

Five Ways to Build Better Physician-Recruiter Relationships

When a traveling physician starts a new assignment, many assume it’s as easy as a doctor just showing up on time. In reality, recruiters work hard to ensure every aspect of someone’s locum tenens job is seamless from start to finish. Even if you’ve been a locum tenens physician for years, reviewing the best practices to build better physician-recruiter relationships is critical.

1. Honesty Builds Trust

While you are trying to make a living, it’s important that you enjoy each assignment as much as possible. If you’re taking jobs just to get by but aren’t really thriving, it could be that your recruiter isn’t quite sure of your preferences. If you speak honestly about what you’d like to achieve and accomplish, recruiters can spend their time more wisely. This will ultimately yield better results in many areas. To build better physician-recruiter relationships, there is no option besides honesty.

2. Communicate Often

Of course, you could share your honest professional preferences every now and again, but the key is communicating regularly. Don’t assume that recruiters know what assignment leads to nurture if you aren’t actively discussing such things. They have many clients to satisfy, so clearly communicating your goals and interests is the only way you’ll get where you want to. There is no other way to build better physician-recruiter relationships other than by employing consistent communication.

3. Ask Questions When You Can

Even though physicians are expected to have all of the answers, it doesn’t hurt to ask your recruiter questions. Of course, asking questions about the job and hiring process is important, but sometimes you have to go beyond that. To build better physician-recruiter relationships, it requires a sense of personability.

Getting to know your recruiter, what they do beyond work and who they are as a person is another critical element. Sure, everyone is defined in part by their job, but at the end of the day, there is something more. In addition to asking professional questions, over time it can be beneficial to share enough to really become a solid team.

build better physician-recruiter relationships

4. Make Adjustments When Needed

Although this leans heavily on your honesty and regular communication, it’s important to make it evident when things need to change. Maybe you’ve run into a few assignments that were less than ideal. If you can identify the problem and your recruiter may be unaware, don’t be afraid to explicitly state what adjustments are needed. It’s likely that your recruiter will appreciate the gesture as long as they are looking to grow as a professional as well.

5. Be Thoughtful

Whether it’s the holidays, a major life event, or even a difficult situation on one side, showing a little extra consideration can go a long way. Again, people have lives outside of work so be thoughtful when trying to get ahold of someone or they are busy in another area. Really, the way to build better physician-recruiter relationships is to keep reasonable expectations of each other’s time. If you are obsessing over work and avoiding personal matters, it’s possible to miss out on a healthy work-life balance.

With these five ways to build better physician-recruiter relationships, we hope your future assignments are the best ones yet! Have any suggestions or tips of advice for our readers? Let us know in the comments below!

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