Where are Locum Tenens Doctors Needed the Most?

Sources report that temporary physician jobs are increasing in the United States. Statistics reveal that there’s been a 74 percent increase in the use of locum tenens since 2012. So, why are temporary doctor positions in such high demand? Where are locum tenens doctors needed the most?

Three Reasons Why Temporary Doctors Are on the Rise

1. Permanent positions are exhausting

Physician burnout is the biggest reason many physicians are turning to temporary positions. Working full-time to care for everyone else can weigh a person down. Taking a temporary position is often easier. Locum tenens jobs are increasing because fewer people are willing to work full-time positions.

2. Physician shortage is growing

As a result of a retiring workforce and an increased demand for healthcare, the shortage of physicians is growing. The Association of American Medical Colleges released a report just a few years ago estimating that the country will be about 46,000 to 90,000 physicians short over the next decade.

3. Patient demand is increasing

With more people gaining access to healthcare over the past several years, there are more people seeking healthcare services. The healthcare industry needs doctors now more than ever before. Temporary physician jobs are saving the day when full-time doctors are out sick, taking maternity leave, or pausing practice for continuing education courses.

Where are Locum Tenens Doctors Needed the Most?

where are locum tenens doctors needed the most

California has the most locum tenens jobs available on LocumJobsOnline.com.

You’re probably thinking that places like Hawaii or Florida are at the top of the list for where locum tenens physicians are needed the most. However, that’s not the case. Population size, the number of hospitals in a state, cost of living in a certain area, and various other factors impact job demand. LocumJobsOnline.com has compiled a list of states with the most current job listings for locum tenens – check out the top five U.S. destinations for locum tenens jobs!

1. California

Where are locum tenens doctors needed the most out west? California came in at number one. California has the most locum tenens jobs posted to LocumJobsOnline.com. This isn’t too surprising since the cost of living in the state is high. California also has a fast-growing population in need of healthcare services. Luckily for locum tenens, this west coast state is known for its beautiful beaches, mild weather, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Browse here to find locum tenens physician jobs in California.

2. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania came in second for where locum tenens doctors are needed the most. Hundreds of jobs are available across the state, from urban areas such as Pittsburgh to more rural assignments, like Connellsville. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in the Keystone State! Check out the available locum tenens physician jobs in Pennsylvania here!

3. New York

Where are locum tenens doctors needed the most on the east coast? New York takes third place on our list. Between the giant metropolis of New York City and the various rural mountain towns across the state, demand is high for temporary physicians in the Empire State. Experience a New York state of mind with these locum tenens physician jobs in New York.

4. Texas

The Lone Star state lassos fourth place in where locum tenens are needed the most. Texas is the ideal travel assignment for someone who not only wants to help people access medical care but who also wants a cultural experience on their journey. This southwestern state is full of unique cultures, traditions, and populations. Find your next locum tenens adventure in Texas.

5. North Carolina

Where are locum tenens doctors needed the most in the south? North Carolina, apparently. North Carolina is perfect if you want to warm up on your next travel assignment, but still, prefer a slight change of season. Check out locum tenens physician jobs in North Carolina. You can choose between a coastal assignment or fill a position closer to the mountains, such as in Asheville.

Hospitals across Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, and Massachusetts also need doctors to fill temporary positions. Check out a full list of locum tenens physician jobs here on LocumJobsOnline.com!

Author: Lenay Ruhl

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