Advance Your Career as a Physician | 5 Ways

Working as a physician presents new challenges everyday, even for those working in the same environment year after year! But if you’re after something that will provide some refreshing new experiences, consider what you have to gain with locum tenens physician jobs. Even for those just starting their careers in medicine, traveling physicians have access to a wide range of opportunities! No matter your experience level or specialty, there are locum tenens jobs available now! Here’s how to use these positions to advance your career as a physician:

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advance your career as a physician

Five Ways to Advance Your Career as a Physician

1. Find New Ways to Use Your Skills

Again, working in the same location for extended periods of time often brings a certain degree of stagnancy. While some thrive on consistency, certain physicians crave the chance to augment their clinical skill sets. Locum tenens jobs provide those opportunities! Traveling to new locations, environments, and climates, you’ll find great variation in the ways your skills apply to patients. Even if you plan on returning to your home state before too long, the new skills you acquire are well worth the locum tenens experience.

2. Treat Unique Patient Populations

If you think that patients are the same no matter where you go, you’re the exact type of physician who needs to try locum tenens assignments! Traveling to new locations provides physicians with opportunities to meet people from all walks of life. Someone living and working in the North Eastern United States treating patient populations in the Southwest makes for a solid way to advance your career as a physician. What’s a typical condition in one area of the country is something unheard of in another, and patient populations reflect this! On a smaller scale, even just picking up shifts in different medical settings nearby, such as urgent care centers, provide great new perspectives. You don’t have to travel to the other end of the U.S., but it is certainly a possibility with locum tenens jobs!

3. Get New Perspectives on Practices Methods

While medicine is a very standardized field and industry, most hospitals have their idiosyncrasies. This really makes traveling for new positions a fantastic way to advance your career as a physician because you’ll gain fresh perspectives. When you take a locum tenens assignment, you enter the world of a unique facility — not the other way around. For new doctors, in particular, learning how each facility conducts things can reveal what you love and what you hate! When you find a permanent position, feeling confident in your decision comes from the exploration that locum tenens jobs provide. And even if you’ve been working in medicine for years, picking up a temporary position is a way to really appreciate the job you have at home!

advance your career as a physician

4. Strengthen and Expand Your Network

Medicine is a profession centered around people and human interaction — that’s obvious! But sometimes if you want to advance your career as a physician it takes a bit of networking. Again, for physicians young and old, networking never loses its importance. If you need greater access to other professionals in your field, finding a locum tenens position is the ticket! Meeting people on a travel assignment never fails to open new doors and opportunities you can utilize. At the same time, traveling to new locations means you can also become a reference or potentiating factor for someone else’s career goals. Really you never know what you have to gain until you find it!

5. Optimize Your Work / Life Balance

As your career evolves, your work life balance changes too. Sometimes a schedule that worked several years ago is now burning you out. Finding locum tenens positions can not only advance your career as a physician but really help you reclaim your personal life as well! Locum physicians decide when, where, and how often they want to commit to treating patients. This flexibility is one of the most refreshing aspects of locum tenens work, and it can’t be ignored! Once you’ve refreshed your schedule with a temporary assignment, returning to your flow or continuing the locum tenens life is within your grasp!

What are some ways you recommend to advance your career as a physician? Leave your suggestions and experiences in the comments below!

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