International Locum Tenens Physician Guide

Physicians are a vital component of American society. Doctors in both permanent and temporary roles provide pivotal care to patients in need. This said the need for doctors is not limited to the United States. While there are many great jobs available for physicians domestically, the opportunity to practice abroad may still seem exciting. Many people desire to see more of the world and experience different cultures. It is even better when you earn money while doing this! International locum tenens physician jobs provide the opportunity to do just this. Whatever your reason for considering the move abroad, there are a few questions that you will want to explore first.

International Locum Tenens Physician Guide

International Locum Tenens Physician

What Type of International Opportunities Are Available?

While there are certainly many international locum tenens physician jobs available, it may be worth exploring various types of international options. As a doctor, you have a skillset that is highly transferable and helpful across locations and cultures. Organizations like Doctors Without Borders have been formed to connect those with a medical background to populations in need. Volunteer opportunities like this often cover most expenses and some even provide modest stipends as well. Although it may be necessary to earn a more substantial paycheck while abroad, there are countless international volunteer opportunities for physicians as well. If your primary reasons for wanting to practice abroad are being exposed to another place and culture while helping people, these may be a great choice for you.

What Do You Need to Practice Abroad?

Although there are some general things that you will need to practice medicine overseas, this is a difficult question to answer fully because the requirements can vary between countries. That said there are a handful of documents that you will certainly need to have access to. First and foremost, you will need an active passport. If you do not have a passport it is best to apply sooner rather than later. The process can take four to six weeks so you will want to leave yourself at least that much time. Additionally, you will need your U.S. medical license. Beyond these documents, requirements can vary greatly. When you first consider working abroad it may be helpful to contact U.S. doctors currently practicing a country that interests you. They will be able to give you more information about the specific requirements for that country.

How Much Money Do Physicians Earn Overseas?

Again, the answer to this question can be highly variable. However, physicians in the United States typically earn more than their international counterparts. In fact, only specialists in the Netherlands and Australia earn more on average than those in the United States. General practitioners earn the highest average salary in the United States. This is not to say that you can not earn a good paycheck as an international locum tenens physician. Given that locum tenens contracts often cover expenses as well, you may still be able to chip away at student loans.

How Do You Start the Process?

If you are still interested in pursuing international locum tenens physician jobs, you may be wondering how to start the job search process. If so, there are a few things you can do. First, you may want to consider contacting an international locum tenens agency. Although there are a number of different avenues through which you can find a job, this is often the easiest. Additionally, it is a good idea to begin studying the language, culture, and history of countries that you are interested in practicing in. After all, you could be living there soon!

International locum tenens physician jobs can be an awesome way to experience another part of the world. This said if the process of moving abroad seems daunting, don’t worry! The U.S. has plenty of opportunities for adventure as well. While you won’t international locum tenens physician jobs, is the best source for locum tenens jobs here at home. Ready for your next adventure? Check out the current positions available here! Let us know in the comments below what you think of working abroad as a doctor!

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