Moonlighting Jobs for Locum Tenens

With physicians and medical professionals remaining in high-demand everywhere in the country, there are jobs that can fit just about every specialty and schedule out there. Although many permanent physicians put in an amazing amount of hours each week, some are still in search of extra income and experience. Today, you’ll find an increasing amount of moonlighting jobs for locum tenens and even non-traveling physician positions. Here we’ll discuss some of the top benefits of finding these extra shifts and positions as a physician!

moonlighting jobs for locum tenens

What Are Moonlight Jobs for Locum Tenens?

So what exactly are moonlighting jobs for locum tenens? Essentially, these positions can be extra shifts in nearby hospitals or medical facilities, or even in different sections of your current workplace. The reason these work particularly well for locum tenens physicians is that moonlighting positions are intended to be impermanent and flexible. And while permanent physicians often moonlight as well, traveling positions are usually a perfect fit!

Top Benefits of Moonlighting Jobs for Locum Tenens

Hopefully, you’re already making a rather decent salary as a physician. However, for those with school debt and other mounting expenses, picking up extra shifts on an assignment can provide extra cash when you need it. Considering that moonlighting jobs for locum tenens often consist of shifts with critical staffing needs, you’ll find significant incentives for picking them up.

In addition to making some extra money during your assignment, these positions are a fantastic way to gain new experience in new states or just a few departments over! Depending on your skill set, moonlighting jobs for locum tenens allow physicians to utilize their expertise in related areas of a hospital or facility. Here, you’ll meet new professionals, gain additional skills, and really serve to keep things running smoothly. Today’s Hospitalist describes just how useful moonlighting jobs for locum tenens can be for resolving scheduling conflicts as well!

moonlighting jobs for locum tenens

Moonlighting By the Specialty

It goes without saying, but moonlighting jobs for locum tenens are often found in time slots that are less than desirable for those who aren’t night owls. Still, if working nightshifts is something that appeals to you, there are certainly plenty of nocturnist hospitalists positions to consider! As mentioned, these jobs provide a considerable amount of flexibility — especially when you’re already traveling for an assignment as a locum tenens physician!

It’s surprising to know that physicians between ages 50 and 54 are most likely to moonlight! It may be that older physicians feel more comfortable in taking on additional shifts in varied locations, or that they are just trying to snag some extra retirement cash.

Particular Specialties

Additionally, you’ll find moonlighting jobs for locum tenens in just about every specialty available. Still, there certain fields where moonlighting jobs are notably popular — this includes:

Although physicians have plenty to do each and every day, some find that picking up moonlighting shifts is a great way to alleviate professional stagnation and even boredom during an entire week off. One area that is almost in constant need of moonlighting shifts is emergency medicine and surgery. Not only will working in an ER more often increase the robustness of your skills, but it’s a great way to make extra cash — anywhere from $100-$150 an hour!

So just to recap, moonlighting jobs for locum tenens are a fantastic method of making extra income, gaining new experience, alleviating schedule conflicts, and for expanding your career for the better! Remember that both permanent and traveling physicians can take advantage of moonlighting jobs in many different specialties, with lots of great positions found right here on LocumJobsOnline!

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Author: Connor Smith

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