Why Work Locum Tenens Jobs?

Regardless of what stage of your medical career you are in, it may be worth considering a locum tenens position. You may be thinking, “why work locum tenens jobs at this point in my career?” Of course, you might also be wondering, “what is locum tenens?” Literally speaking, locum tenens means someone who holds a place. Therefore, locum tenens physicians are those who fill in temporarily where and when there is a need for doctors. The job involves traveling for work and getting paid well to do it! Whether you are a senior physician or only have a few years of experience under your belt, there are plenty of great reasons to choose locum tenens. Still not convinced? Let’s dive a little deeper into the question of why work locum tenens jobs!

Why Work Locum Tenens Jobs: Five Reasons

Why Work Locum Tenens

1. Pay, Pay, Pay!

It is no secret that locum tenens physicians can earn substantially more than their permanent counterparts. Sure, this may have to do with the awesome quality of doctors who also want to travel, but it is also market driven. The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations notes that compensation is largely driven by the demand for doctors. Since locum tenens are (usually) only temporary staffing solutions to unforeseen shortages, employers generally have a high need to fill their positions. In order to do this quickly, they are willing to pay more. Both younger and older doctors can certainly appreciate a little extra income. The only question is, how will you spend it? Will you help pay off some of your student loans? Or will you invest in your retirement account? However you decide to spend that extra money, it will certainly be nice to have!

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is intentionally vague. There are two major ways in which locum tenens jobs allow room for flexibility. First, and potentially most applicable for younger doctors, is flexibility to find the right work environment. When you are just starting your career, locum tenens jobs are a great way to explore all of the possibilities out there. Do you want to work in a team or independently? Do you prefer rural or urban areas? With locum tenens positions, you have the flexibility to find out what you like without the long-term commitment that comes with a permanent placement. Second, locum tenens positions give you flexibility outside of work hours. Many senior physicians take on so much responsibility in permanent jobs that work can creep into personal lives. Locum tenens jobs allow you to focus on your work and focus on your life as well!

3. Skill Development

While highly skilled doctors surely develop their skills in a number of different ways, learning from peers never hurts. Working locum tenens jobs exposes you to a much broader collection of physicians to learn from. After all, doctors in different hospitals on opposite sides of the country are sure to have had at least a few different learning opportunities. When traveling between clinics and hospitals on assignment you will be exposed to lots of physicians. Treat this time as a chance to participate in peer learning and you will develop skills you can carry with you for the remainder of your career.

4. Prevent Burnout

Unfortunately, physician burnout is a very real phenomenon. Burnout can manifest in a number of different ways, both physical and mental, and can affect workers in any industry. Doctors are reportedly 15 times more likely to experience burnout than workers in any other professional industry. With this striking statistic in mind, it is no wonder so many doctors choose to pursue a career that always keeps them on their toes. There is no denying that locum tenens jobs require physicians to adapt to new environments.

5. New Experiences

Okay, so this is definitely related to physician burnout, but locum tenens jobs also allow for a wide variety of new experiences. With the opportunity to earn money while traveling, most doctors find this to be the most cost-effective way to see the country. Have you ever wanted to spend some time down south experiencing the food and culture of Louisiana? Do you see yourself lounging on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii on your day off? Want to see the Great Plains of Nebraska? With locum tenens positions, all of this and more becomes a possibility!

It would be nearly impossible to fully answer the question of why work locum tenens in one blog. However, there are countless reasons that physicians might want to consider it! Ready to start your locum tenens physician adventure? Browse our available opportunities at LocumJobsOnline.com now!

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