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Working locum tenens physician jobs can, at times, mean living your life out of a suitcase. Although many assignments will provide temporary housing for months at a time, shorter assignments sometimes warrant an extended stay in hotels. Although it’s not always the ideal situation, there are certainly some advantages to living the “suite-life” that may actually be quite appealing to some traveling physicians! Here we’ll take a look at the positive side to hotels for locum tenens assignments including some ways you can maximize this option.

hotels for locum tenens

Hotels for Locum Tenens | 6 Benefits

1. What’s a hotel without food service?

While it’s not always the most plausible option given your work schedule, it’s possible that ordering breakfast through your hotel can save you time and money. Instead of having to stock your mini-fridge with sub par snacks and meal choices, take that extra time in the morning to enjoy a hot breakfast from the comfort of your room. One of the last things you’ll want to do after a long night in the hospital is waking up to go grocery shopping on your day off. If you’re lucky, the staffing agency may cover the cost as part of your housing so it may even be your best move financial to snag a few free meals!

2. Housekeeping in Hotels for Locum Tenens

Let’s face it, when else in your adult life are you going to have the convenience of arriving home to a tidy living space complete with fresh towels, a vacuumed floor, and cool little shampoo bottles? Sure, it’s still a small hotel room, but this can really make a difference when it comes to saving time and energy. Staying in a hotel for locum tenens means you’ll be there longer than most guests — warranting less frequent housekeeping visits — but that doesn’t mean you’ll be living in a pigsty! Some people can be weirded out by this, although it’s definitely a benefit to having to live and work out of your suitcase.

3. Get a Small Grill

Eating out for every single meal can quickly get expensive, and most hotels don’t encourage cooking for obvious reasons. Still, bringing a portable griddle or grill to whip out on the balcony can expand your options for meals. Preparing dinner can be a good way to unwind for the day and will definitely keep your costs down over the course of your assignment. Although a mini fridge isn’t ideal to store a wide range of foods, it’s definitely an option to consider!

4. Open a window!

Let’s face it, you’re in a tiny, unfamiliar space without much going for it and all of that recycled air can quickly go stale. Opening a window, letting some light in, and keeping your environment as spacious as possible can go a long way for your mental health and productivity. Even if your windows just open halfway, it’s better than nothing! Let those birds chirp, that traffic bustle, or the wind rustle — you’ll be glad you did!

5. Make it “Home”

The bottom line is this — a hotel room is far from your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat it as such! Obviously, you don’t want to pack an excessive amount of items during your assignment, so be sure to bring some essential decorations and personal touches that can transform your current living space. Things like a portable stereo, a digital picture frame, and even some room spray or incense can provide the right sensory cues to remind you of home and keep your spirits high!

6. Beyond Your Room

If you’re staying in a relatively nice hotel, you’ll likely have access to things like a pool, a workout room, and laundry machines. Be sure to squeeze every amenity you possibly can out of the place because why not? Fortunately, most public transit systems in cities are optimized for travelers and hotel guests so it’s also pretty easy to get a ride from one point to the next right from your “front door.”

Ultimately, you have to keep in mind that staying in hotels for locum tenens jobs is not ideal, but you can definitely make the best of it! Some people may even prefer this lifestyle considering all of the potential benefits and the streamlined amenities available. If finding a hotel for your next locum tenens assignment sounds like something you’re interested in, be sure to let your recruiter know it’s an option. And if not, please refer to points 1-6… Happy traveling!

Author: Connor Smith

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