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With an increased demand for urgent care in emergency rooms across the United States, staff shortages are as much of a problem as ever. Regardless of whether people in the ER are actually meant to be there, these larger volumes of patients are putting strains on how efficiently staffed a hospital or facility can be. The popular solution is to hire temporary staff to fill the gaps, however, there are still some unique challenges for locum tenens in the ER to consider!

Locum Tenens in the ER

Each year in the United States, there are more than 130 million emergency room visits. Considering that this demand is steadily increasing, the locum tenens physicians are being sought after for their ability to remain flexible while retaining optimal levels of patient care. And although it may seem like a great fit for traveling physicians and temporary healthcare professionals, meeting these demands can require individuals to be at the top of their game.

Meeting and Exceeding Demands

Even though health care coverage and availability has changed, large portions of the general public still only seek care when it’s absolutely needed. Essentially, this has people flocking to ERs or urgent care facilities because they are in need of immediate attention, rather than exercising a route in preventative medicine. Still, this means that locum tenens in the ER have got to provide sufficient care while helping manage the patient load.

Working in an emergency room can be nothing short of massively stressful, however, hospitals are increasingly enhancing their staff by hiring temporary physicians.

locum tenens in the er

Locum tenens physicians can help emergency rooms run more efficiently without putting a strain on other staff!

Develop and Maintain Skills

For locum tenens in the ER, there are many opportunities to treat a wide range of aliments. Anything from basic aches and pains, to serious injuries and ailments requiring your immediate attention are common sights for locum tenens in the ER. That said, the work is bound to be dynamic and sometimes unpredictable, allowing a temporary physician to really develop and maintain their skill set.

In addition to being able to treat patients with ailments big and small, having spent time working in the ER can reflect very positively in the eyes of employers. These ER positions require the ability to quickly and accurately assess someone’s symptoms in order to provide the best possible approach to their care. Better yet, finding higher pay rates is also more common for locum tenens in the ER!

Producing Better Patient Experiences

Emergency rooms have become notorious for long wait times, hurried staff, and a general flustered atmosphere. Although there are good reasons for these things, placing locum tenens in the ER can really help to make things more efficient and ultimately help full-time doctors from becoming too fatigued. Additionally, locum tenens have the chance to help speed up wait times and the entire process by acting as a go-to professional when things get busy.

Although working as a locum tenens in the ER isn’t for everyone, there are definitely benefits to both hospitals and professions looking to keep everything running smoothly! As always, if you’re searching for your next great opportunity as a locum tenens physician, browse all of our available job listings and apply today!

Author: Connor Smith

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