Dating for Doctors: Tips for the On-Call

So you’re a locum tenens physician, hooray! You get to travel the nation doing what you love best – treating patients!  You spend a few months here and a few months there and you feel completely fulfilled. Or do you? Maybe you’ve noticed something’s missing. Someone to share this wonderful life of your with? Dating for doctors can pose quite a few challenges, so we’re here to help!

It can be difficult dating when you know you aren’t spending enough time in one place before moving to the next. And while you would (and should) never sacrifice the career you’ve worked so hard to get for a significant other, a date here and there would be nice; possibly something that turns into something longer. But with your busy schedule, you can’t possibly be bothered to figure out regular or long distance dating. So, we’ve done it for you! Here are some dating tips for doctors.

Dating for Doctors: Tips for the On-Call

The Challenges

Time – Time is going to be your biggest enemy and sadly, there is no sure-fire way of making sure you have enough. Some physicians have only one free night a week, and if dating is your main priority, your number one goal is using that free time to go out!

Intimidation – When people first hear you are a doctor, they are going to be intimidated. It’s just a sad fact. Whether it is comparing how much the two of you make, how much schooling you’ve had, or how much you love your job, there is always an initial feeling of discomfort and intimidation. If this is the case, pay close attention to how they act during later dates. The intimidation level can be higher for female physicians as well. Sometimes men are intimidated by a woman who makes more money than they do. If the intimidation level is still high, cut them loose. You’ll have much more time to spend on someone who can handle your success level.

Understanding – Understanding while dating for doctors must go both ways. Find someone who understands your busy schedule and is willing to work with it. If they realize you have a difficult job with difficult hours but still put in the effort, they may be worth it! The same goes for you as well. Make sure you understand you are asking a lot of them. As long as you both can find a happy medium in sharing time, everything will work out for the best.

Moving Forward

Now that you understand the challenges associated with dating for doctors, you can actually take the first steps:

Finding a Date – Okay, so if you’ve read this far, you know that finding a dating for doctors isn’t always as easy as the movies portray. There are plenty of different ways to find dates, however. If you’re the old-fashioned type, take yourself out to the bar or ask a friend for a setup. There are also dating apps and websites you can use. But be careful which ones you choose. If you’re more serious about a relationship, try paying for a subscription. People are more likely to pay for something they truly care about. Swiping right 100 times a day may find you dates, but are they really the kind of dates you’re looking for? There’s also the option of meeting someone at work, but depending on HR regulations, that may not work. There’s also lost time when two doctors would rather catch up on sleep than hit the town.

First Date – Congratulatoins! You’ve got your first date. You can now spend time fretting over what to wear and say (just kidding); you’ll do great and have a wonderful time. However, there are few things to consider before you go out. If your date is scheduled right after a shift, take the time to pack a bag to freshen up. Plan your outfit the night before and keep it in your locker. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing one thing is already taken care of. While on the date, leave the medical jargon at work. It’s okay to explain what you do, but you don’t want to waste time explaining medical terms. Most importantly – relax!

Be Honest –  No matter your profession, being honest will help you succeed in the dating game. Let them know your commitment level up front and if it doesn’t work out, you move on. Dating is hard for everyone. As a traveling physician, you’ll need to find someone willing to wait and travel with you. And don’t worry about not finding anyone the second you start out. No matter what, you’re a successful doctor and person, and anyone would be lucky to date you.

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