Top 5 Smart Apps Every Physician Needs

Smart technology has proven a more than an integral part of our lives. Some would even say it has taken over, particularly the use of smart apps. According to The Hub, almost 2 billion people around the world use smartphones, creating a world full of endless possibilities at the touch (or swipe) of a screen.

Smart apps cover a myriad of different subjects: brain games, multiplayer competitive video games, reminders, social media. So, why not employ the use of medical smart apps in the healthcare industry? There are so many new technological advancements in hospitals every year which doctors must learn to operate for effective patient care. But, using a cell phone helps reduce an overwhelming field of growing tech to its basic form of use for physicians to use every day.

Here are some great (and some free) smart apps every physician should know about.

Top 5 Smart Apps for Physicians

Doximity – This is one of the top smart apps that acts as a social networking site for physicians. It allows physicians to communicate with colleagues and send or fax HIPPA-secure information to patients. It also gives physicians the ability to find and subscribe to up-to-date medical journals and articles.

Read by QxMDThis smart app is a physician’s go-to source for an in-depth catalog of topic reviews, journals, articles, and full-text PDFs about their favorite medical subjects. Doctors can share the different article or posts they find most interesting with other physicians to keep up with current trends in health care.

Figure 1-Medical Image – Marketed an “on-the-go” tool, Figure 1 is perfect for busy physicians to strengthen their understanding of medicine. This smart app allows doctors to research and diagnose rare disorders and even contact physicians from other parts of the world for insight. This app is a great choice for physicians who love independent research and seek constructive criticisms from colleagues.

Medscape – One of the popular medical smart apps available to physicians is Medscape. This app provides a “Drug Reference Tool” allowing physicians and nurses to measure proper doses and effectively manage several different medicines. Medscape also offers informational articles and, even better, is free to use.

My Chart – This app is inclusive to not only physicians but to their patients as well. MyChart is a great communicative tool for patients to stay in touch with their doctors; they can send requests, schedule appointments, ask questions, and even pay bills any time they want. Physicians also have the ability to review results on MyChart before an appointment, update information, or contact their patient through this free app.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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