6 Reasons to Love Locum Tenens

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it’s important to rekindle that love for your career. Cupid can only do so much, so it’s time to start thinking about why you love your locum tenens career so much. Whether you’re helping others in the healthcare field, mentoring younger physicians, or enjoying a life of travel. It’s time to embrace your love of a healthcare career. Here are just a few reasons why you should love locum tenens jobs.

6 Reasons to Love Locum Tenens Jobs

1. The Freedom

One reason many physicians love locum tenens jobs is because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with the career. This can be a great balance of helping others while still engaging in a job that allows you to spend time with loved ones and pursue other interests. Locums make their own schedules. So, if you want to take a few weeks off to spend time with family or are finally ready to take that five-week European vacation, you can make it happen.

2. Spend More Time With Patients

Since you won’t be spending hours on taxes and forms, you’ll have more time to focus on your patients. While some physicians worry that the short-term assignment makes it harder to develop relationships with those they care for, recurring locum tenens jobs give you the opportunity to check in on patients and see how they are progressing. Many physicians will choose a locum tenens job simply for the love of caring for others.

3. Testing Out a Job

Have you ever taken a position somewhere and immediately regretted it a few weeks later? Luckily, many healthcare professionals will use locum tenens jobs as a way to test-drive a new position. Not only that, but many healthcare facilities will hire locum tenens full-time if they’re satisfied with their work. This is a great way for both parties to test out the relationship and is yet another reason why so many people love locum tenens.

4. Transition to Retirement

While many assume that most locum tenens are young physicians coming right out of school, that’s actually not the case. Many are actually nearing retirement and love the flexibility and travel aspect of the career. Many healthcare professionals just can’t bear to be stuck at home, and will instead take locum tenens job that is less time consuming but still allows them to fulfill their health care desires. With less paperwork to do and more time to engage in hobbies, older physicians can make a steady wage while still enjoying the freedom of a locum tenens job.

Locums allow them to keep doing what they love, but on their own schedule — whether that’s a week each month, a few months a year, or almost full time. They can take assignments close to home, close to family, or near a place they’d just like to visit and explore. These physicians are full of knowledge, reliable, and great to work with.

5. You Can Become a Mentor

Another reason that older physicians choose a locum tenens job is because it allows them to mentor up and coming healthcare professionals. Many up and coming physicians will look towards the older generation for guidance, and a locum tenens career is a great way to help a new generation of physicians while still finding time to spend with family and friends.

6. You’ll Help Those in Need

One of the biggest reasons to love locum tenens is the fact that you’ll be helping those in need. Many facilities hire locum tenens simply because they do not have enough staff to adequately take care of a number of patients they get. A career of travel and helping others will become even better when you realize the support you’re providing to other healthcare providers. There’s no better feeling than to know that your actions are helping to save lives and take care of those in need. Although it might be just a few weeks, a locum tenens career can have a lifelong impact.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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