Kinsa: Not Your Average Thermometer

Kinsa is an app-enabled thermometer designed to detect, track, and evaluate temperatures and symptoms on a scale that is increasing with every new user. With the FDA stamp of approval, Kinsa has been out on the market with positive results thus far.

Kinsa Smart Thermometers

Kinsa currently offers three types of smart thermometers: the Smart Stick, Smart Ear, and the Sesame Street Smart Ear. As you can only imagine, the Sesame Street Smart Ear Thermometer is a collaboration with the brand to cater to feverish children made in Elmo’s likeness. Programmed to work wirelessly, save fever histories, symptoms, medications, and even provide encouraging phrases in Elmo’s voice.

Like the Sesame Street Smart Ear, the Smart Ear Thermometer works wirelessly with the help of iOS and Android devices and has a database with fever histories, symptoms, and medications that can easily be shared with a physician. It takes just seconds to detect illness. Then, parents are notified on the seriousness of the symptoms and are offered guidance on the steps they should take.

The Smart Stick, Kinsa’s original smart thermometer, is powered and enabled by a smartphone and Kinsa app. Accurate readings are given in just 10 seconds and are stored in order to track a family’s health history. And just like the other smart thermometers, the Smart Stick offers the users suggestions on steps to take and notifies if the symptoms are cause for concern. To make the experience a bit more tolerable to ill children, there’s a game where they can pop bubbles on the thermometer’s screen as they wait for their temperature reading.

Kinsa’s Plan for World Domination

Not as sinister as it sounds, I assure you, Kinsa’s main objective is to detect and respond to the spreading of illness on a larger scale. Kinsa’s smart thermometers currently offer users the ability to join a school’s private Kinsa group to anonymously share their family’s symptoms. This simple act has proven to be quite beneficial to parents, as they are able to view the school’s “health weather” in real-time, and can easily make an assumption on their own child’s condition.

Physicians are benefiting from the smart thermometers as well. As you can imagine, Kinsa is taking out the guesswork, and providing physicians accurate readings and trackings of a person’s illness, making diagnosing and providing care a breeze.

With every new user, Kinsa is expanding and growing ever closer to their goal of creating a “health map”, where users and medical facilities have the opportunity to see what illnesses are spreading around their community. Such information will allow users to take preventative measures, and facilities can use it for staffing purposes. These two scenarios alone will undoubtedly save the health industries countless hours and money. Which is exactly what we need in this physician and nurse shortage. 

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