6 Winter Destinations for Locum Tenens

Baby, it’s cold outside. For some of us, that means we’re ready to break out the snow toys and hit some slopes. For others of us, we’re sitting inside, bundled under blankets with hot cocoa wishing for warmer weather. You’re a traveling physician so why not choose one of these winter destinations for your next locum tenens assignment?

Winter Lover Destinations

If you are a lover of cold weather and the true winter experience, your perfect winter might be hitting the slopes or skating on the rink. If seeing your breath during the icy cold months doesn’t bother you, consider one of these winter destinations for your next locum tenens assignment:

1. Utah, The Salt Lake State

If you love outdoor winter activities, Utah is one of the best places you could visit during the winter. Snowshoeing is one way to take in Utah’s beauty while getting in a bit of exercise. Many outdoor retailers will offer cheap daily snowshoe rentals, and there are more than 60 snowshoeing trails.

Utah has what some may call the ultimate tubing experience. Soldier Hollow is the place to be for the best snow tubing in the area. Soldier Hollow has a tow lift and limits the number of people on the hill, so you don’t have to worry about overly large crowds. It also means you should probably buy your tickets in advance.

Of course you, your friends, or family can visit facilities like the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. Sign-up for a class so you can skate where some of the world’s faster skaters have.

2. Idaho, More than Great Potatoes

What could be better than ringing in the New Year with a massive potato dropping in front of the state capitol? The Idaho winter event is unlike anything you will see anywhere else in the nation.

For those of you that enjoy riding on untracked powder over frozen lakes and plains, there are over 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails in the state. Many of the trails are interconnected giving riders a seemingly endless trail.

Idaho helps take winter camping to the next level. They have four state parks with yurts, or Mongolian-style, circular, domed tents. Available year round, winter is the best time to try them out with woodstoves to keep you cozy.

3. Wisconsin, America’s Dairyland

You don’t have to be a cheesehead to watch Aaron Rogers throw a touchdown pass at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. The Packers are one of the most loved and revered teams in American football history. If Wisconsin is going to be one of your winter destinations, I highly suggest catching a game.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, consider visiting the Milwaukee Curling Club. We have all seen the game on the Olympics, but have you gotten the chance to try yourself? You might be surprised at the amount of skill the sport takes.

In early January, Racine hosts its annual Big Chill Snow and Ice Festival. At the show, you will watch artists from all over the nation make incredible sculptures from snow and ice. Though, after seeing their creations, you may not even want to try building a snowman yourself.

Keeping Warm This Winter

Now if you are anything like me, the winters are too cold, too windy, and too snowy for your liking. You are probably thinking of warm weather, beach towns, and wearing shorts again. For you locums that want to keep warm during the cold months, consider one of these winter destinations:

1. Hawai’i, The Aloha State

I don’t even know that it is necessary to discuss why Hawaii is the perfect winter destination. Do I really need to convince any of you? Probably not, but here we go.

If you love surfing, scenic coastlines, or larger than life waves, you should definitely put the North Shores of Oahu on your winter destinations list. Surfers come from all over the world to catch monster waves on the island and non-surfers enjoy the beautiful waters of Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach.

If surfing isn’t your cup of tea (or cup of drink that comes with a little umbrella), Kauai has some of the most beautiful views on earth. The Na Pali Coast State Park is full of waterfalls, fresh rivers, and tons of vegetation. The Na Pali Coastline is only accessible by foot or boat, so much of its natural beauty has preserved. Explore the park or take a snorkel tour or dinner cruise.

Maybe not everyone knows, but the Hawaii Islands were formed due to volcanic events years ago. Visit the Volcanoes National Park to learn more about the eruptive history of the islands. You can take a guided tour, watch steam vents, and see lava, from a safe distance of course.

2. Florida, The Sunshine State

If it is warmth you are looking for, put Florida on your list of locum winter destinations. If you like a little entertainment in your life, you’ll want to be in the Miami area. There are tons of shopping centers in South Beach, and it also has some the hottest nightclubs.

For a more low-key lifestyle, Key West offers 70-degree winter weather and is the perfect escape for water sports enthusiasts. Take a boat and go on a fishing trip or take a snorkeling trip to view our underwater world. If you’re a scuba diver, you can check out some shipwrecks! Whatever it is that you want to do, you’ll find under the Floridian sun.

Could we talk about Florida without mentioning Orlando (I don’t think so)? Home of Walt Disney World, those physicians that are kids at heart will especially love this locum winter destination. Orlando is full of attractions like Universal Studios, Islands of Adventures, and the Kennedy Space Center. Spend your winter months in warm sunny Orlando. You won’t run out of things to do.

3. Nevada, It’s Not Just Sin City

Nevada warm weather during the wintertime makes it an ultimate winter destination for locum tenens. Of course, there is Las Vegas. During the winter, many people are escaping the cold weather and flocking to Vegas. You can spend time at the casinos, playing your game of choice, or seeing a show in a city where many celebrities visit. If you’re in Las Vegas in February, don’t get too crazy and find yourself hitched a local wedding chapel.

However, there is much more to Nevada than Las Vegas. Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, Valley of Fire State Park, is home to 72 campsites to view stunning sandstone formations and deep canyons.

During the winter is the best time to jump out of a plane in Nevada. No, seriously. The bright, clear skies give killer views for those that love skydiving. If you have never been skydiving you can just tandem with someone with experience. You’ll fall for well over a minute at speeds over 100 mph.

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