Put Down That Glass: Chromium-6 Is In There

What Is Chromium-6?

In 2010, the EWG conducted an investigation on the water supplies of various cities throughout the U.S.. The water of 31 cities were reported to have been contaminated with chromium-6. These reports inspired the first national investigation of the unregulated contaminant. Out of the 60,000 samples taken, water utilities found that 75% contained chromium-6. As the investigation only tested a small portion of the country’s water supply, and it is suspected that the number of Americans that are affected by the contamination is well over the original estimate of  200 million.

Several studies have confirmed that even the smallest amounts of chromium-6 can cause cancer. And the American Cancer Society recognizes it as a known carcinogen. Scientists in California believe that the safest level of chromium-6 for over a lifetime is 0.02 parts per billion, and they have made this level their state health goal. A goal that will set them back about $20 million a year.

The Clean Up

The debate between human interests and economic stability is what is holding up further actions on this matter. The fact that chromium-6 causes cancer is monumental, but so is the process and the price tag of cleaning up our country’s water supplies.

In the 2000 film ‘Erin Brockovich’, Julia Roberts’ character put two and two together and got four. But, we can’t all put the blame on the nearest gas & electric company. No one is really sure what is the source of the carcinogen that is being found in all 50 states. However, it is known that both California and Oklahoma have naturally occurring chromium-6 at all time high levels than any other states. And to make matters worst, California is home to the largest concentration of chromium-using industrial sites in the U.S.. This accounts for California’s iron fist on efforts to reach their health goal.

Whether your state is currently in the process of implementing a clean up plan or not, there is one way you and your patients can protect themselves from this deadly carcinogen. Simply filtering your water with a basic water filter won’t do the job, but a reverse osmosis filter will. With greater pressure than natural osmosis, reverse osmosis forces the water to filter in the opposite direction. These powerful filters are capable of filtering out about 90% of solid contaminates. EWG provides a handy water filter buying guide, where you can choose what contaminates you want to filter out and at what price point. Reverse osmosis filters are pricey, but it’s an investment towards your health and peace of mind.

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