A Boost in Healthcare Staffing Firms

The Work of a Locum Tenen is Never Done

With the physician shortage in full swing, healthcare staffing firms are busier than ever. Due to more people being insured under the Affordable Care Act and advancements in medicine allowing the old and sick to live longer, demand for care is increasing everyday. But until Congress lifts the cap on residency slots, we are not able to train enough physicians to meet the country’s demand. And picking up on the scent of opportunity, many healthcare staffing firms have been making moves to expand their empire.

Who Is CHG?

If you’re not familiar with CHG Healthcare Services, it is only a matter of time until you are. CHG is one of the largest, if not the largest, healthcare staffing firms in the U.S.. Currently in the headlines for buying Global Medical Staffing, a firm based out of Salt Lake City. Making it their third locum tenens firm to join their “suite of award-winning healthcare staffing brands”, as they would say.

CHG pride themselves on being the leading supplier of locum tenens and can boast to be a pretty great company to work at, and rightfully so. They currently hold the number 18 spot of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”. A title they’ve held for seven years in a row.

What the Boost in Healthcare Staffing Means

Locum tenens are needed more than ever, as the physician shortage is swelling. In fact, 73% of healthcare facility managers used locum tenens in 2012, and that number increased to 91% in 2014 according to Staff Care’s 2015 report. So, an assignment is always available to a willing locum tenen! Recent salary increases reflect just how invaluable physicians are to healthcare facilities, more so in specific locations.

Medscape’s 2016 Young Physicians Compensation Report, shows just how much younger physicians are earning compared to their older colleagues and the top earning regions. It comes to no surprise that physicians working where the physician shortage is hitting the hardest, are earning more than any other region.

Besides the abundance of hours and pay, more locum tenens may find more opportunities to work outside the U.S.. When buying Global Medical Staffing, CHG absolutely had in mind to expand their services overseas. “Bringing GMS into the CHG family allows us to meet the growing need for physicians in the US and abroad,” said Mark Law, chief operating officer of CHG.

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