Leave the Mess and Stress on the Job

As physicians, there are parts to a job that can create a negative impact even though you love your job. Some situations can drain your energy either by having a difficult patient, a negative outcome, or other stressful factors. That is part of the job; if it were easy and enjoyable all the time then more people would do it. But it is important to leave your stressful day behind you when you leave. Otherwise you will begin to see only the bad days and not the days that make you say, “this is why I love my job.” You want to make sure you do not start to hate your job or become a miserable person if you focus only on the bad parts. Keep your work at your job and do not take it with you when you leave to go home. There are ways to leave the pressures of your day behind you so you may enjoy the rest of your day and continue loving your job. In order to separate yourself from work, consider using the tips and techniques below!

It’s Relaxing Time

When you are home, you should take a hot shower or bath and unwind for a while so your body knows it is time to relax. By taking a hot shower or bath, you will feel more refreshed and rid of your bad day. You should put on fresh clothes, not any work clothes, since smell is a powerful sense and you do not want to be reminded of work.

When Thoughts Attack

If thoughts of work do creep into your mind, then you should work through them and the emotions attached. You need to figure out why you are angry, sad or whichever emotion you are feeling in order to be to work past the emotion. It is wise to think about your day, to work through it and even vent about your day to someone. By getting it off your chest, you will be able to stop dwelling on it and focusing on the present moment.



Shake Things Up

Changing your routine is also a great way to leave your work at your job, even just taking a different way home would be a way to leave behind your stress. If there are any restaurants, coffee shops or stores that you love to visit, then you should go and it can be a helpful way to take your mind off your work. Doing something different than your routine can help break up the mundane aspects of your day and give you something enjoyable.

Focus on Loved Ones

Talking to someone, such as talking to a family member or a spouse, about his or her day is another good way to distract yourself from your day. Focusing on their day and what they went through can help distract you from your day. Not only is it helpful to distract yourself, but also it is good for the relationships you have. Asking someone about their day and actually listening shows that person you care and genuinely want to know. This can improve your relationships, which can have many benefits such as an overall better sense of self, better days, and a healthier relationship.


One major thing you should do is disconnect yourself from your electrical devices and paperwork; you cannot leave your work at your job if you are checking emails. By not checking your phone, laptop or tablet for emails, texts, and phone calls you can be home physically and mentally. It is not healthy to have your devices at your fingertips at all times, it does not allow you to be off-duty and release your stress. Everyone needs some time to relax and enjoy him or herself before being immersed in their work once more. So do not be on your devices or have them near you while you are home and relaxing; there will be time to check later.

Outrun your Stress

Exercising, doing yoga or just taking a walk is a very healthy way to de-stress and unload your mind from thoughts about work. Exercising is a great way to work through any stress you may be dealing with and release all the tension that has been building in your body. You will feel so much more relaxed and calm after a good workout; any negative emotions should be gone. It is important to not take out your bad day on someone else, which is why exercise is one of the best ways to release stress and negative emotions.

Laugh it Off

Watching a favorite show or movie is a fun way to focus your attention, especially if it’s a comedy. Laughter is a great way to release your tension and stress; it allows you feel carefree and let go of the negative emotions. It is a freeing feeling, which is why people say laughter is the best medicine. In general, watching something you enjoy allows you to relax and feel better. Doing something you love such as art, reading, puzzles or any other hobby can create the same feeling. Some people may see taking a nap as a way to deal with their bad days, while others may use karate as their stress release. Anything you enjoy and serves as a way to separate yourself from work is a good thing to do.

Locum Tenens Stress

So when you have a bad day, just remember to keep it on the job and find a way to enjoy your day without bringing work home. Any customer service jobs can be draining, but nothing can be as stressful as medical professional jobs. The key is to find a healthy way to release the stress and tension before letting it consume you. Physicians love their jobs, but everyone needs to keep work and home separate otherwise their life will become toxic.

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